Where the new HP 12C+ ?


I've been following the threads on the characteristics and availability of the new HP 12C+. I was able to me one of those here in Sao Paulo, for something around US$ 85.00. It came with a manual in Portuguese and behaves exactly as mentioned in this Forum. And exactly as was mentioned, it emulates in detail the original features of the original model, including less memory and functions than the "silver" models. If it didn't have the double battery cover, the astonishing speed and the smell of brand new thing, you couldn't it from the old series HP12 C.

Regards from Brasil

Jose Ernesto


Jose, one thing that is different with the new 12c is that it does not have the bug that was in the original 12c regarding not displaying "running" if your program has a clear sigma instruction. This is a good thing.

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