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My daughter asked me to go over her homework. Today's lesson covered operations with fractions. After going through the work manually, we took out our calculators to check the work. I do most of my work on my 50G, but chose my 35s since it is so easy to enter/calculate/display fractions.

We looked at the following problem: 1/5 + 3 7/8 (that is one fifth plus three and seven eights).

Our manual solution was 3 3/40.

However, the 35s came out with 3 1/13.

Naturally, this wasn't a good thing with my 10 year old daughter watching. So, we did the same calculation on her Smartcalc 300s. The 300s confirmed our manual result. I then entered the calculation as an equation on my 50g, it came back with the same answer as the 300s.

So, how come the 35s came back with a different solution? I must be making some stupid mistake (it has been a long day!). Or, is this some display setting with fractions on the 35s?



Sorry, it has been a long day. The answer(s) are 4 3/40 or 4 1/13.


You've probably (accidentally) set a small maximum denominator via the /c command. Try 100 /c and see what result it gives.

0 /c should reset to maximum.

Remember the 35s doesn't do real fraction like the 48 series.

- Pauli

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Yes, that was the answer. Thanks for the fast response.



There are two (easy to overlook) indicators to the right, showing up when the true result is smaller or larger than the fraction shown.

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Your answer should be 4 3/40 On the HP50g one enters 5 1/x then 3 7 8 / + PROPFRAC PROPFRAC

Edited: 14 May 2009, 7:54 p.m.

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