i41CX+ 2.0 Released.


Go to the app store for all the details, some things I found few very interesting:

  1. A new I41CX command that will take a parameter from the ALPHA register and return the results. E.g. you can now write i41CX+ programs that can get GPS, accelerometer, and other HW data. E.g. CURRLOC returns:
    Y= -1.948783840
    X= 0.701899541
    So, where am I? NOTE: I was in RAD mode.
  2. URL-based data acquisition. Create an ASCII File and put the URL in the first record, then use the DWNLOAD function.
  3. HEPAX support added.
Thanks Al!


you gotta have to love Al for his constant improving of i41CX, what a great app! BTW - I placed the HP-IL idea with him...


[would that be somewhere near Provo, next to Provo Bay on Utah Lake?]

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I placed the HP-IL idea with him...

I asked as well. Since the core of i41CX+ is Nonpareil and the aforementioned HP-IL emulation was developed for Nonpareil, it shouldn't be too hard to add.
would that be somewhere near Provo, next to Provo Bay on Utah Lake?

Yep. Working in Provo, UT today. Great attention to detail, if in RAD use RAD, if in DEG use DEG. This new code truly makes an 41CX+. Time to play with some of the 41CX surveying modules.


I was also in contact with Antonio who provided further explanation as to how this new I41CX function worked and I thought you would find it interesting. In particular his reference to an unimplemented function in the HP-41CX intrigued me.

Over to him :

. Enter the command name (e.g. ACCXYZ) in the Alpha register
. Execute the "I41CX" function

In other words, strictly speaking, there is one new function called "I41CX" that takes multiple arguments in the Alpha register to execute different commands.

In case you're curious, I chose this implementation because the new function uses an unimplemented instruction in the HP-41CX that is intercepted by the Cocoa part of the code that in turn executes the appropriate command. This has several advantages, including future expansion, ease to implement new commands or modify existing ones without having to deal with MCODE, and the fact that the new commands run at full native speed since they are not running in the emulation layer. The latter will make a difference if I ever implement some complex algorithm commands that require a lot of processing power or long loops. "

It seems to me that this opens the door to other 'goodies' to come.



BTW - I placed the HP-IL idea with him...

You know, that makes my sick mind wonder...

The 3.0 version of the iPhone firmware will allow access to the 30-pin dock connector. Wouldn't it be great (famous last words) to create an iPhone to HP-IL cable?

OK, OK, to be fair, this might be a pipe dream. While I am a registered iPhone developer, I'm not part of the "Works with iPhone" accessory licensing program (yes, that's what it's called), so I don't have access to the proper tech specs or API. Still, it kinda makes me all wistful and misty-eyed to think about hardware HP-IL on the iPhone/iPod.


You may need to do very little. If any one creates an RS-232 or USB Host adapter for the connector, then you could use the to-be-released PIL-Box.

My aforementioned plan was to use the PIL-Box with a PC and create a TCP to IL gateway. Then i41CX+ would just need to leverage the existing network support of the iPhone. Since HP-IL devices are for the most part tethered this makes more sense to me.


...that's exactly what I suggested to Al. He drove the idea further and said 'Why not wireless?'. Personally I think that would make it more complicated from a software perspective and require more complicated hardware (e.g. wireless module).

But this is exactly my dream - to seamlessly move software from i41cx+ to/from my other real HP41Cs, RamDrives and emu41. The true engineers among us could even hook up the i41CX to HP-IL enabled devices on their play-, sorry,'work'bench... While it currently is already super easy to save programs from the i41cx for later retrieval onto the i41CX, communication of modules and programs between a real 41/emu/RamDrive and the i41 is possible, but a bit more cumbersome. For development of programs and especially MCODE I like the PC or a real 41 much better than the i41cx, but once it is developed I want it on my i41CX, which I always have with me (iPhone). It would be great to be able to transfer things quickly and seamlessly from one environment to the other, either via RamDrive/IL-Drive or emu41.

In any case, Al is doing a superb job with this application and I don't regret the money I spent on it (even though now most apps are <5$). He provides top notch support and constantly updates the app

So I have good hopes that he will hear our HP-IL plea...



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The HEPAX support is a nifty thing indeed. I have a Touch so, alas, the GPS stuff doesn't work. But I will finally get some good use out of the Hepax manuals you shared with me some months ago. Les


The HEPAX support is a nifty thing indeed. I have a Touch so, alas, the GPS stuff doesn't work. But I will finally get some good use out of the Hepax manuals you shared with me some months ago. Les

At a minimum you now have the ability to store more active programs than before. Without HEPAX you are limited to clearing and restoring from iPhone/iTouch or Extended Memory. HEPAX unlike X-Memory allows programs to be executed without storing them in 41CX main memory.

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Antonio has paid extra special care to ensuring that the virtual Hepax modules behave as they do in the real calculator. For example, If one tries to "insert" the modules in a configuration that doesn't work, one gets a message stopping the operation. I have lost count of how many times I did a fresh reinstall of V41 to restore Hepax MOD files I kept corrupting because the correct ordering of Hepax modules in Warren's setup just isn't intuitive for the neophyte.

It is amazing that Antonio go this to work. When I asked him about it some months ago, I go the impression that configuring things to write to imported MOD files rather than just read them.

I was one of the lucky ones who jumped onboard when the app was only half the price but think it is still a must-have for serious fans at the $15 price.

As an aside, the source code of Byron Fosters 42s simulator has been upgraded to include wireless import and export and the printer now works properly. (A friend was kind enough to compile it for me.) Unfortunately, the official release has not appeared yet as an upgrade through the AppStore. Indeed, there have been no upgrades since the original release in January. On a positive note, Thomas Okken's own Free42 for iPhone is in the works and should be out eventually, or so I am told! I think it will be as cheap as Byron's version, thus easily worth supporting.


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