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If you ever have (or anticipate someday having) trouble with a hard drive, pick up one of these. A $20 life-saver! (Well, a data saver, anyway.)

Do pay attention! The product's reviews suggest that its use is not completely idiot-proof. (But who'd even want such a feature, anyway?)

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I've got that exact cable sitting on the shelf behind me, as a matter of fact. It's great for those times when somebody at work has borked their hard drive and needs some important files recovered. Particularly nice is that it fits 3.5" and 2.5" IDE, as well as SATA.



This is the first computer I had with one disk drive. I plan to have two added, Sam


Bought something similar to this from Microcenter for $14.95. Worked great on several drives. Only problem is to figure out which end of connector is pin 1. Solved that with a paint marker after I figured it out. Is great to have in the "tool kit".

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