Spice Type 1 vs 2 parts interchangeability?


We all know that HP made two versions of the Spice series. The first had the metal plate unsoldered keyboards, and the second had fiberboard and soldered keyboards. Most of the parts in the first version are interchangeable, including the battery contact/power control assembly, keyboard, rear case and battery door, slider switch contacts and LED assembly. Even the red LED cover is interchangeable. Everything is snapped together; no soldering, no glue and only 2 screws. This has allowed me to "construct" several completely functional and cosmetically excellent calculators by mixing and matching parts from several incomplete, faulty or damaged calculators. All my refurbishments have been made on the early type 1 versions, so I have no experience with the later type 2.

I have therefore two questions:

First, how many of the type 1 parts are interchangeable with the type 2?

Second, how many of the type 2 parts can be swapped? For example, are the IC's now integral with the keyboard, such that keyboards cannot be swapped or are they part of a separate PCB?

Finally, I have managed to open many type 1 cases without damage; are the type 2 cases more difficult to open?

Thanks in advance for your input,



That was three questions... :)

1) The only thing that is different is the keyboard.

2) All active devices are interchangeable with the notable exception that you'll have to unsolder the IC's and LED array from the circuit board on version 2 units.

3) No differences in opening.

Be sure to check out the info here on the two versions:

Edited: 9 May 2009, 6:48 p.m.

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