And finally - a simulator for the HP32E.


For those of you who are interested my collection of calculator simulators just got bigger - at last I've been able to add an HP32E.

I'm particularly pleased to be able to add this model to my collection, as even though I've found the HP33C much more useful over the years, I've not forgotten the HP32E's remarkable ability to evaluate the normal and inverse normal distribution functions accurately at a time when everyone else was still having to use look up tables.

Enjoy - as ever feedback is welcome.

Mike T.

Edited: 3 May 2009, 7:09 p.m.


What I find most impressive is that it yields the same forensic value (9.000417403) as my real HP 32E. Excellent job! I too find this to be one of my favorite non-programmable vintage HP's. It was the first HP with hyperbolics, which were removed from the HP 33E/C and HP 34C to make room for programming keys. How about an HP 27 next? I don't have one of those. :<(

Keep up the good work,


If anyone could help me figure out how I could use the Visual BASIC financial functions to implement the financial functions available on the HP27 it wouldn't take long to do - I've implemented everything else..

Mike T.



I really liked the 32e, it was my first HP calculator. I bought it new when I was in college, it was much more expensive than offerings from casio or TI at the time, but I liked it. The construction was superior and although it offered only the usual scientific functions, the competitor scientific models had less.

Hyperbolic functions and unit conversions were there too, stats worked well and I genuinely wanted the Q function for real use. I remember, even though we all used calculators, everyone else was forced to resort to tables for their normal distributions. It was an eerie throwback watching them.

Furthermore, you were lucky to get 5 figures out of the tables, but the 32e was giving a full 10 figure accurate result – almost instantly. It was a remarkable achievement and I was always puzzled why HP couldn’t carry Q and invQ on to their later models.

invQ appeared to work through a convergent iteration. It took about 10 seconds or so. It always got the right answer though. I never actually needed this for real work, but it was always fascinating.

Thanks for making the simulator!


why HP couldn’t carry Q and invQ on to their later models

They did, just not as obviously. The 21S had these functions explicitly, I'm not sure if any other HP's had these functions as such. However, several calculators that have a good implementation of the HP solver have the Q function as UTPN and, of course, you can use this function in the solver to obtain the inverse. Also, various STAT modules and packs have this function too.

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