17bII+ keypad problem


Can anyone confirm or deny that this is a known problem with the current 17BII+? I have one and generally have been happy with the feature set, but every once in a while, the keypad doesn't enter a number I have hit. its really annoying because I can't trust my fingers to rapidly enter a series of numbers to add up, I have to visually confirm every single one I enter to make sure the calculator took all my keystrokes. When it screws up, I notice that no matter how hard I hit the key, it won't enter. I seem to have to clear and start over or hit the back button and re-enter. Seems like a software bug to me, not really sure.

Anyway, just wondering if this is a known issue or not. I'm about ready to throw this one in the trash, drives me crazy.


Yeah, I have experienced this on occasion on my 17bii+. I have never experienced it on my 17b or 17bii.


I've seen it once on my 17bii+ Non-Silver, but I can't remember missing a step on the other models. The Silver hasn't missed.

BTW, I think this is less about software and more about the quality of the keyboards. Honestly, if HP has gone backwards in quality anywhere, it's in their keyboards. There is absolutely no rival to the older keyboards. In today's day and age, it's frustrating to me that anyone (HP, TI, Casio, whoever) produces a keyboard that has any issue at all. If you boil it down, the MAIN purpose of a calculator is to be consistently accurate at calculating, and it can't do that with a crappy keyboard.



My first 17bii+ silver had an unreliable keyboard. Dynatech.de has replaced the unit w/o a problem. I'm not a frequent user of the machine but it seems to be fine now.


Hi, I own an hp 17bii+ silver, I have experienced just what you said, I tried to figuried out which is the trouble, it seems that if you press CLR the calculator takes sometime in "clearing the screen" if you are fast enougth, you will press the next number before de CLR task is done, and the number will not be registered. My HP 12c (I sould say ancient HP12c) has no trouble at all in the keyboard.

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