God of The HP41


Hello All:

I am the foremost user of the HP 41 & all IL Peripherals.

If you are into the 41, I am the only God you'll ever need.

Robert Droste


Who is that guy ?????


he is robert drost, a lesser god.
i am db and i am an atheist.


"he is robert drost..."

Several postings were made this morning with each one claiming to be a god or power user of a particular HP. Most were posted to the wrong forum and I was in the process of moving them here when I noticed that the same person posted them. (Though he used different names and email addresses.)

So I decided to keep just this one. Today "Robert" gets to claim godliness for just one model.


so he is really not a god but only a meglomaniac. since i am really not an atheist, but just an agnostic, and furthermore since this is a democracy; i nominate him as the god of the 6s.


I am God of HP10 (and just HP10, not HP10C, or HP10B, or HP10BII), though I do not have one...

You common mortals from our moHP community may ask your God any question about the use of all the HP10 functions, except about the printer (as I am not sure if I would be smart enough to find out how to use the printer).

Sorry, I just could not resist...


Great, then I'm The God of...let's see....ok, HP38G - the most RPN-ish calc of all calcs;) And, by the way, I proclaim myself as the lesser God of all soviet-made rpn-based calcs, and, of course, THE SOLE GOD of the current Universe and a few neighboring Universes (in the quantity not exceeding 5 (written five;))

Nisam mislio da pro RPN u Hrvatskoj zna netko osim mog profesora fizike i mene;) Bok iz Indije:)


Evgen Fedorenko wrote:

>>Nisam mislio da pro RPN u Hrvatskoj zna netko osim mog profesora fizike i mene;) Bok iz Indije:)

English translation:

>>I did not think that anybody in Croatia knows pro RPN, except my professor of physics and me;) Greetings form India:)

My response:

Hrast Programmer (who did really a great job with his HP41CV/CX Microcode Emulator) is also from Croatia. I discovered it a few months ago, just by chance.


I should've guessed he was Croatian....:)

But, really, the situation with RPN in Croatia was even worse than here or there (here - India (the place I'm currently living in; there - Ukraine (the place where I was born):) Out of five mates I tried to teach RPN (I went to high-school in Croatia), just one could do something more complex than 2 2 2 * +;) And the physics teacher was so surprised when he found out I could calculate (a fairly simple) equation on his HP-12 (can't remember which model exactly), I got a 5 for the entire semester:) Nice to know he isn't the only Croat sanctified in RPN lore;)


I have a somewhat different experience. When I went to high school here in Split, there were several classmates in my class who were using HP's (btw, among them my then-girlfriend, now-my wife). In fact, I was the one who brought the first HP33E to physics and statistics classes. Though several others were rather surprised with the new concept, they started to find out advantages of it very soon.

It was interesting that one of them (whose father was a lawyer) came one day to school with a signed contract with his father: "If my son passes the term with 5 (ie. A-grade) I promise to buy him a HP33E calculator". This was taking place in 1977-79.

After that, when I went to University in Split (I studied mechanical engineering) there were also several (about 10) of my colleagues using HPs. Several models were popular. Two of us had a HP67, two had HP31E, one HP41C-a bit later, there were several HP33E's and C's, as well as HP34C...
The next generation of students in this faculty almost exclusively used HP calculators.

Nowadays, I am trying to locate all those falks and push them in order to search their attics and find their old HP's but my results have been rather modest...

My wife (she is a paediatrician, so not dealing with technics at all) still uses a HP (now it is her HP12C). She does even not know that there is another concept except RPN (f.i. TI AOS) out there. Just yesterday she told me that she is finds the nice calculator (HP12C) I have given her as a present a year ago extremely useful...


People from Split are keener on such things than those from Zagreb, I see........:)

Too bad that our kids will probably not even know what RPN is:((((((

Personally I'm not gonna buy a single piece of hardware from HP until they resume calculator development, if at least in the form of palmtops.....though RPN is going to die in that case too - palmtops will probably use optic formula recognition, and RPN is loosing to algebraic notation there:(((((((((((


nenad; muyo and hasso use ti's.


Dennis, I agree with you completely, but we face another problem. Obviously, very soon there will unfortunately be no more new HP calculators and we shall have to follow Muyo's and Hasso's approach ...


As I said some time earlier, I'll rather use my good old ten fingers than anything from TI;)

But let's have some hope...at least there's Casio with it's palmtops..and maybe someone willing to write RPN calc emulator for it....


I got some good old fashioned "A's" with TI's in EE school including the SR51A and SR56 before I could afford a nice HP29C, not to mention (OK I will) an APF Mark 51 in 1975 for $39.95 at Sears, along with a few Commodores with even more functions! Even more fun than the sliderule in HS. Good thing I was working alot of hours during school.


dude. you blew it. you shoulda got the apf mark 55 and commodore muniteman 6X instead. they were rpn. i know that you would have taken good care of them and now i would be trying to trade you something for them. ok, never mind, maybe you saved us both a lot of trouble.


I got one APF 55 when first availavble from Sears Catalog, circa Dec 76 or so. I think it did not last long, the on/off switches were rather flimsy for frequent use. Right now I have about 5 APF Mark 55's, several mint and complete in box with manual, case, etc. I have about 20+ Commodores, but my favorite is the M-55 Math Model also bought new in the summer of '77 and still working great on it's 4th set of nicads, found the box a few months ago, thought I had trashed it in a cleanup.


now you went and did it. i'll have to mail you my trade list. if i was a dog i'd be a "fetch the stick" junkie.


Is the HP-48 RPL?
Here is a link to the HP-48emulator for an older Casio PDA



Oops! Here is a more direct link





Hey god, have you got an HP1630A/D/G logic analyzer? I just learned it has an HPIL interface.


I'm not god, but I own one. (Not a god, a 1630G) It has a IL interface and was designed to load it's reverse assemblers from a HP82161A digital cassette drive. Unfortunately I didn't ever get such a reverse assembler for any Microprocessor.

As far as I remember it could function as a controller and store and load settings to/from a cassette drive too.

The HP41 could be used as a controller.

I don't believe, that the IL interface was used too much. The 1630 series also had a HP-IB interface, which was a little more professional. I wouldn't also know, who needs an application for a logic analyzer as a portable storage device. Such devices are used in service (where you repair the DUT at once) or in a development lab (where you can use HPIB)

There was also a 1631A/D which was a 1630A/D with two low-Voltage oscilloscope channels, also with HP-IL and IB.

I'm not using it anymore, because I own a 16500 now, but I keep it as a part of my collection.

I also have the HP3421A Data Aquisition/Control unit (also IL/IB combination) and the 3468A Digital multimeter (unfortunately without the battery option).

I believe, there was also a HPIL option for a counter, but I don't know which model. I've never seen this one somewhere (even eBay, where you can find every obscure thing didn't have one til now)


Hello Mr. Hawel,

the counter you are referring to, might be the
HP 5384A or HP 5385A frequency counter. Both with
option 003 (HP-IL) or option 005 (battery pack,
which includes 003). The HP-IL interface replaces
the standard HP-IB.

The german subset of the manual, about 40 pages
in total, has two pages showing how to control the
frequency counter via HP-IL and a HP 41C/CV/CX.

If Mr. Hicks likes to include the manual albeit
not dealing with a calculator but with a rather
sophisticated add-on and in german ...

And no, I do not own one of them, just saved the
manual from the trash bin.


K.A. Mueller


Try using the Copernic Search engine for that. You may be surprised what you find. (www.copernic.com)


I just checked, our HP1631D Logic Analyzer has a couple of small D type 2 conductor
connectors (one male, one female) on the back.


G'Day God
You may be just the bloke we are looking for,the good ship HP calculator taking water fast need help urgently.

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