Obscure 41 Module - FAC/WC


I just got a 41 module that seems to be peculiar enough / even if it's only because of its capacity.

It's the "Forward Air Controller / Wind Correction" (FAC/W). It appears to have 16k of ROM, a little unusual for a single module of the old generation - possibly a Zeprom??

Does anybody have any information on this peculiar little thing? Needless to say I have no manual or any overlay (if any existed). I suposse I should get a hex dump (disassembly) of the three bottom pages. It does have an automatic key assignment upon CALC_ON vector though.



I've looked at one of those. It is not a ZEPROM. It is a CMT-10, (16K version) and is reprogramable, with the right equipment and software.


Thanks for the info, Dan. This ROM has some interesting aspects to it, starting with the 16k configuration. Only the first (lowest) page has a proper FAT to it, while the next two have a single "DUMMY" function on their FAT's - and none for the highest one.

I suppose they must be holding table-like data, shame they didn't implement a bank-switched configuration to save address space.



The ZEPROM was a much better design, I think it was introduced after the CMT-10. The CMT-10 came in a 16K bank-switched version, too (called the 16B). As far as I know, the two different CMT 16K versions were fixed from the factory, either bank-switched or not, and could not be changed in the field.

There are other modules that have a FAT only in the lower page. One that HP produced was the navigation module. I think the Real Estate module was another HP rom that was 8K and had no rom header in the second page.

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