New HP12C (ARM) SDK availability ?



I was wondering when the new HP12C (ARM) would be available ???
Also, has anyone bought one of these new HP12C ??

Thanks, regards



I've been checking about once/month, but I've still not spotted one in any of my local office supply outlets.


I bet if you purchased all of them you could from the local supply place, you'd eventually get one. . . ;-)



I bought 2 at Fry's Electronics in Phoenix and sent them off to 2 members of this forum. I look forward to reading their reviews.

Hopefully Fry's will restock.

:) Charlie


As far as I can see, it's not so easy to find that new HP12C. Another question, is there a Model number for the HP12C that we could find on the HP12C packaging ? If so, is the Model number different for the "Old" and the "New" HP12C ?


Agreed. If there was a clear way to tell which was new and which was old, solely from the outside of the packaging, that would be much easier. I was inspecting one at Staples and they were looking at me funny.



If you look at the top of the calc thru package you will see the edge of the extra wide battery door, about 2/3 total width.

I saw no difference in packages of older and newer 12C.


Without blowing any NDA's, what is the processor behind the new 12c? Is it the same ARM unit as the 20b? Anyone know the specs?



Yes. Same chip used in the 20b.


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