HP calculator tattoo?


So a friend and I were talking this morning and we both have some ink on our arms of our favorite hobbies. His is Iron Maiden, and mine is Disney (Mickey Mouse). He knows of my interest in HP calculators and asked if I had a tattoo of one (jokingly).

That got me thinking, though. Does anyone here have a tattoo of an HP calculator? Or have you seen on one somebody?




Well, I used to make my own temporary tattoos and other one-time transfers using an HP-71B, graphic reversing lex files and programs, and a Thinkjet printer printing on wax paper. So, yes, an "HP calculator tattoo"...


Tattoos are for seamen ... ;) Seriously, tattoos are something highly emotional. Thus, I doubt there is anybody with a sliderule in his skin nor with a calculator. Though, with 6e9 people, some ppb effects may occur.


The ENTER key (with its arrow) is a trademark of HP calcs, but I don't think someone would put that image on his/her skin...

SIN, LOG, FIX, EXIT, are also not likely. TAN may be acceptable, but if you want TAN on your skin, a little sunbathing (or UV lamp) may do.


... who prefer not to have tatoos, is just to put an overlay over their skin!


First, I didn't believe that anybody had such a tattoo. But you know, there's nothing that doesn't exist. Here are some examples of geeky tattoos:

Scientific Tattoos

Euler's Identity Tattoo

And this guy has made a BIG and obvious error:

Calculator Tattoo

Just my 2¢,


Bruce, what about asking Egan Ford permission to use the artwork from the painting that his daughter made for him:




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