Is the world ready for HP Calculator DVDs?


It's looking like the next set of manuals might require 7 CDs. The idea of a single DVD-ROM is starting to sound very appealing. If you are interested in the manual sets, could you please tell me which category best describes you:

  1. Have a DVD-ROM drive today and would want a Museum DVD-ROM.
  2. I don't have a DVD-ROM drive but would prefer 1 DVD so I would buy a drive (~$50 in the US.)
  3. I don't have a DVD-ROM drive and wasn't really planning on getting one but if you stopped shipping CDs, I'd probably buy one.
  4. I am only interested in CDs - please keep the CDs at least as an option.

I'm trying to figure out if there's a demand for DVDs and, if so, can I drop the CDs or do I need to keep an inventory of the 7 CDs plus the DVD,

Please reply with the number (from the list above) in the subject line and feel free to add any comments or concerns in the body of posting. Thanks!


CD-R is dead. Long live DVD.


Option 1, Dave.


Option 1 sounds good to me.


Make them Dolby surround and widescreen format, too, please... with the Director's cut and extra footage and trailers, compatible with Region 1 players. ;-)

Or, anyway, will the dvd be cheaper to buy than a 7-cd set?


One disk for me to bother with, less postage etc.

The media cost for DVD is still higher and I don't have a DVD writer yet but I think the "one disk" advantages will outweigh those costs.


Option 1 sounds good to me too. Widescreen, Dolby surround and director cuts are also welcome.


i didn't catch it at the theaters. is it true that sly stalone plays dave hicks in the movie?


No text. Lol.


Option #1.

Question: How many HD floppies would it take? 8^)



If I buy a DVD-ROM drive, that's less money to spend on calculators.




Personaly I have no problem with DVD I even prefer the idea of having only one single data carrier. To give everyone the time to adapt to the DVD keep the CD as an option for at least the next set.
Sincerely yours Stephan.



Whichever you choose I'll take it/them!




after some months trying to figure a way out to buy the CD set, I`ll finally have mine till next month, thanks to my brother that lives in USA. I intend updating the CD`s so far, but I do not believe a DVD-ROM would help much. I think if I have problems in one CD and loose it, it`s one in 5 (or 7). If I loose the DVD, I loose everything. I do not mean manufacturing problems, I mean scratches, dust, temperature variations, and so.

I do not deny the possibility, if the CD set is an option.



Option 1. and if You could find that (almost not to find) solution book about aneshtesia (HP 67), that would be perfect.


4 is my first choice, though 3 is a (slim) possibility.


Red Hat Linux is going to be 13 CDs with the next release...doesn't seem to bother them too much=)


Put me down for one! Especially if you can get some of the software library on it as well. Cheers.


I agree with Stephan, Dave.




1. DVD


Can't wait! I've got a number of things I can contribute, too.


The world may be ready for DVD, but I'm not.


It would be nice if those of us who already have the museum on CD could get an upgrade to the DVD version when it came out.


An upgrade to DVD option and probably an option to get two additional CDs.


1 DVD is a great idea!


This is a tough one, Dave.

I'm sure that the migration to DVD will march forward, and I would want to be the LAST person to deprive the other MoHPC fans (who want to actually USE their DVD readers), but I don't see myself getting a DVD reader.

I promise not to cry if you go to DVDs though... (I'll just pout!)



HP manuals option 4

Marx Pio


I have a DVD ROM drive and would prefer this mechanism.


DVD, please!


I have the 5-CD set (can you hear a loud GREAT !) from here ?
A 2-CD set 'update' would be fine, but with shipping charges the advantage compared with the full set is meager.

Please make the DVD compatible with our good ol' trusty Macs, the way the CDs already are !

Thank you again for your work.


will a DVD unit even work in my P90? maybe a USB unit attached to my laptop.


They are available with IDE or SCSI interfaces. Playing a DVD movie on your 90Mhz system might not be possible without a decoder card but I don't see why accessing data would be a problem.




Option 1, all region, MAC compatible or two update CDs.


1, of course.

Even if you go for the multi-cd format again, can you please set it up in such a way that all CDs can be copied to a single directory structure on disk, and accessed that way (single index, etc.)? 5GB of storage is nothing these days, and I'd much rather have the stuff online all the time than have to mess with CDs or DVDs every time I need them.




Dave, can you predict when the HP MOC DVDs will be available for upgrade?
Thanks, Frank

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