HP 35 Milestone Event at HP Labs


I attended the IEEE HP 35 Milestone Award event at HP Labs yesterday. The blog entry is here:

HP 35 Milestone Event Blog


Steve Leibson


We all know that Bill Hewlett was hoping for a pocket-sized model 9100A but since that one was programmable, we really didn't achieve that until the intro of the HP65 in 1974. This year marks the 35th anniversary of that amazing box and I bet there must be another "boatload" of history which would be worth hearing from that design team.

Jake Schwartz


Jake, I went back to the well and got more details from Tom Osborne for you. You'll find a supplemental blog entry here: Letter from Tom Osborne


Hi Steve,

This is great stuff! Hearing the history from the actual participants is really rewarding. And reading how they showed the 9100A to Mr. Wang prior to introduction just about made me cry - they just don't make great people like this anymore. It is so sad. Can you imagine anyone worrying about "burying" their competition today? If only today's world wasn't only about money....<sigh>

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