I just couldn't resist, I mean how long does one have to wait


before somebody said something! Have you checked out this months HP Solve Calculator issue:

click here for aprils copy

I mean, really?



p.s I don't know why I was picked as I can think of a number of people who should have their HP bio done, instead of me!

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awesome job Geoff, very nice article. Heartfelt congrats!




This is a very interesting and enjoyable article!

I used my first HP, the HP-67, to perform reactor power calorimetric calculations on a U.S. ballistic missile submarine in the late 1970s. The magnetic card programable HP-67 saved a *lot* of time performing this procedure, which could often compromise ship mission. I used it to compute closest point of approach for nearby maritime traffic and other navigational tasks when I was officer of the deck, and to perform other engineering calculations. That HP-67 was a personal purchase, costing me most of one month's take-home pay as a Navy lieutenant junior grade, and I wrote all programs used. I still have it, though it needs card reader roller repair. Were I to do the same things today, the HP50g would easily be my choice for these critical applications.

These small machines performed very real and important functions. Your interview shows that. It brought back memories. Thanks!


Hi Geoff,

Thanks. I did not have to wait too long to read about you and your calculators. Wonderful! You are one of the lucky fellows who can combine work with pleasure. If you are still looking for the HP35S let me know. I should be able to get one in Singapore.

Best regards,



and as I stated earlier, I can think of many more deserving HP'iers to interview than me!


thanks for the offer, but I have secured the HP35s and enjoy playing with it. It however will not fulfil all the abilities of the HP 41, 42s or 48 series as the printer functions do not exist.

Still, fun to convert and see all the old programs, sans timer, printer and HPIL, function in a 'new' calculator! And mine does not have the slanted display and (it's new) none of the keys bounce and etc..

Cheers, Geoff

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Hi Geoff,
Nice article! I really enjoyed seeing your collection at HHC2008, and I'm always amazed at the great tips you provide on restoration techniques.



Outstanding article Geoff. Congratulations!

Very Respectfully,


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Terrific article Geoff, really enjoyed it!


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