Reclaimed HP41CV calculator - picture


For those of you who were interested enough to comment on this earlier, attached are two images of the 'reclaimed' calculator, which seems to me to be in good shape (apart from the battery/module problem) and for $42 to be worthwhile buying. So I will be !

It seems to be quite a neat solution.

Thanks for all your help


Front View

Back view

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Front View

Back view

Still no luck! :(

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Thanks Marcus. I did wonder why the links didn't quite work, have changed both in the first post and they appear to work.



After some trials, I was able to see the 2nd pic, which shows the back side.

No luck with the proposed 1st pic so far.

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From the serial numnber it's a halfnut (rounded display window corners).

The external battery pack solution looks adventuruous.
Are the pack and cable detachable from the calc,

or is it soldered to the battery holder, or worse soldered to the battery contact foil ?


As I understand it, the corrosion affected the 'cable' linking the batteries and module to the main PCB and the seller has got round this.

This is the comment from the seller "The electrolyte "wicks" up the flexible PCB and corrodes the internal PCB's distroying the unit. On some, only the first flexible PCB is affected. I remove this, clean up any residue and fit a usb power lead You can then power it from your PC or monitor. Alternatively I can supply a "wall-wart" for mans operation or an external battery box that takes 4xAA cells".

I intend to go for the latter.

I suspect the cable is soldered but not sure to which part. Why is it worse being soldered to the battery foil?

Front again


PS links should work, but you may need some patience. I used some free web server to host the pics and their webserver may not like it if you look at both pictures at the same time or perhaps other people are trying to download the same image ?

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