Who and How Much for a Red Dot in Poor Shape


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Well, the auction is over for a Red Dot in very poor condition, and two questions are now answered:

1) How much would someone be willing to pay? Answer: 202.49 USD

2) What would be the location/nationality of the buyer? Answer: Hong Kong, China

What does this say about the valuation of rare collectables and the importance ascribed by different cultures with regards to American memorabilia? I offer this up without further comment, judgement or opinion.



Hey, what did happen there in the battery compartment?


there is a split :)
Actually it's much less visible when properly assembled, the owner obviously lacked some screwing skills <g>

Btw. I'd say the price is OK, considering the rarity and importance as a technology landmark.


Actually, several of my HP-35's which I know have *never* been opened have the noticeable "split" in the battery compartment. I think it's something that comes from the factory that way, either due to faulty manufacture of the parts or original assembly. Nonetheless, the exposed screws are a dead giveaway that the calculator housing has been opened. The extremely clean appearance of the battery compartment and contacts makes me suspicious that the internals are not original, and parts from a later version may have been used to fabricate a Red Dot using only the outer casing parts. Since the calculator is non-operational, we will never know since the "bug" tests cannot be performed.


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