A visual quiz! What is it?


I just recieved this functional calculator. It is specialty designed, i.e. it applies to a certain industry.

I don't remember seeing such an HP keyboard mimic (I know the keys have an extra column below the Enter key row) before complete with ENTER key. The clincher is it also has an = key. This was made in the late 80's.

I have sanitized the shifted markings but left the key labels for you as a hint. I will post the actual calculator picture soon enough:

It raises some interesting questions. Any guesses as to:

1     brand?
2 industry used for
3 whether algebraic or RPN or both?
4 has any other calculator got the enter key (other than
the 12 C clones posted below)?


Hi Geoff,

Given that you're an airline pilot, I couldn't help but guess that's what that calculator is for. I also vaguely remembered reading about special-purpose non-HP RPN aviation calculators... That picture looks like a Navtronic (http://spyropoulos.net/calcs-aviation/aviationcalcs.htm). Whether the presence of the = key means it supports algebraic operation, or if it serves some other function, I have no clue, though.

- Thomas


Oh well ;-(

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What about questions 3 and 4, though?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


I will answer number #3

it is algebraic and the enter key is to input data to memory registers. The variables in the various hidden memories are used for equations such as:

lat1 and lon1
lat2 and lon2

gives rhumb line and track

wind speed
wind direction
aircraft heading
aircraft true airspeed

gives aircraft track and ground speed.

all addition, subtraction and etc. are computed algebraically.

Cheers, Geoff

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Good Morning!

Too late again... but a few answers to #4:

How about the Navtronic 1701 ( / T / TR) and Navtronic 16, the beautiful luminous brothers of the one in your photo, that have the unique vertical row of LEDs to prompt for input values?

And most the Ti graphing calculators (e.g. Ti73, Ti89, Voyage 200, ...) have a big "Enter" key.

Some Ti Basic calculators have it (Ti-74S)

And the asa CX-1 pathfinder has it. An Sporty's electronic E6B.

All those cheap USB-calculators that can be used as a numeric keypad for notebook computers have one (e.g. Sigma PC6012 USB, ibico 121X)

Sharp Organisers (like IQ-8100M) have big Enter keys.

These are only those that are stacking up on my desk because I haven't entered into my database yet...

Greetings, Max

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