Anyone else find this HP-41CX strange?


Described as never opened and never repaired. However, evidence MAY indicate otherwise. Any ideas?



Dan, unless I am blind and can't see the forest for the trees, I see nothing wrong with this. It appears identical to my HP41CX halfnut.

The keys are standard and not tall, the trim appears gold, the feet look good as well as the label at the foot of the case.

What appears out of place to you?

Cheers, Geoff


Did you see the one that went last week for $522 IIRC?! That was with no modules or accessories. Even the rubber feet looked brand new.


What is the earliest half-nut serial number?



Mine is 3019S20239 indicating 1990-week 19-Singapore-20239.

In conversation with Wlodek even some 41C's are floating around with a half nut due to waranty repair. I think he stated the first 41cx showed up around 1985. I see that this one is 1984 which would put it at the same age as my spare, also 1984, but mine is not a half nut. I see what you mean, was it sent in for repair? He states not but then he is not the original owner.

Also check out this HPmuseum posting which pushes the date back to 1985:

earliest halfnut production

Now if you have a 41C halfnut, wow, that would be rare. I guess there are no halfnut tall keys out there!

Cheers, Geoff

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This site (MoHPC) indicates that the earliest half-nut serial number is 40 weeks after the listed ebay calculator. That early of a serial number would indicate a repaired unit. But the seller describes it as never repaired, never opened.


But the seller never said he was the original owner. In fact, he says he bought it several years ago, how does he know the full history? Maybe never repaired by him would be true but that's a stretch...

IMO it is a repaired unit, HP put the customers old back on a halfnut service exchange. It's what they did after they ran out of fullnut service parts. Standard procedure.

I've seen many CX's in this exact state - fullnut serial number bottom on a halfnut top. Woop-de-do, nothing special here.

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If you check the auction this morning, you will see the seller has come clean. The photo he posted for this item was not of the actual item he was selling. He had substituted a photo of a different calculator without disclosing it, until now. The new photo he added this morning is of a non-halfnut HP-41CX.


Well, with about 9 hours to go, the price is up to $566 with a recently placed bid. Certainly, waaaay more than I would be prepared to pay. What will be interesting is to see the nationality/country of the winning bidder. I remember once several years ago seeing a clean working HP-67 with accessories go for about $1000 to a Japanese bidder.



Actually the updated pic shows a calc which looks better than the calc on the first pics.

The pics of the halfnut CX show a well used and dirty unit with a shiny ON key,

scratches on the front label and U-shaped case separator,

and heavily used rubber feet, according to their abrased state.

All in all, the pics of the halfnut show a rather ugly unit, whereas the, umm,

pic of the maybe-actual unit show a unit which seems to be in much better condition.

I still can't understand why the seller doesn't show the whole calc...

...however I can't understand the bid amount which was based on the first ugly unit, too.


Based on their apparent ebay sales experience, it seems odd that they wouldn't post an original picture. Wow up to $610 now - that's about three times over what I payed last year for a CV in mint condition.

Are the CX's really that much more rare?



No, they're really no rarer than the HP-41CV, and usually go for maybe $50 more, usually less than $300 in a straight up auction. My two HP-41CV's (one mint halfnut and one very clean fullnut) both cost me less than $200. Even a certain notorious overpriced seller wants much less than this: (See here)

As I said above, it will be interesting to see the location of the eventual winner.



Well, the massive $610 bid held up. The winning bidder has a feedback rating of 55, so he/she is not a complete newbie. Seems to me waaaaay too much was paid. Anybody want to give me $500 for one of my HP-41CV's? ;<)



Nope! But I'm sure you find the calculators way more fun than $500 would be - right?


Thats waaaaaaaaaay too much.... I'd say $200 was a fairer price!
I'd pay that for a pristine mint in box (with working reader) HP67C though!


Wow! An HP-67C, huh? So, why does it even need a card reader?


Michael; He might be referring to this. - db


Hey thanks for the heads up Dennis. I've just placed an order, and the great thing is that I don't have to throw away all my old HP-67 programs. I'm also going to buy a new HP-43s.


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