So you thought only HP still makes RPN calcs


Victor V12

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Although most non-HP RPN calcs went out of production decades ago, you can still buy this one online, although I have never seen one in a store. Of course, HP doesn't really make the HP-12cp either, so I wonder who owns copyright on the code?


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There was another 12C knockoff some years ago. I wonder how they get away with copying the 12C like that. I doubt HP still holds active patents on the 12C interface or algorithms, but surely they still hold a copyright on the ROM. So if the clone maker reimplements the machine, then maybe that's legal, or at least lawsuit resistant.



I wonder how they get away with copying the 12C like that?

Lemme see. The HP-12cp is made in CHINA. The Victor V12 is made in CHINA. Heck, if they can get away with fake designer jeans, running shoes and DVDs, why not HP copies?


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It's a 12cp clone which has a rewritten OS. It might be possible that HP is only a licensee of this ROM and design and that the original Chinese manufacturer has the right to license the code elsewhere.

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