killer rom


i seem to have a finance rom that crashes 41's. has this happened to anyone else?



I have 2 41CV (1 half and 1 fullnut) Have the financial decisions pac, stress analysis pac and Stat & Math pac and a card reader.
I used them in both 41 with all sort of combinations and nothing abnormal happened.
It sound strange you blaming the financial pac. I'm getting afraid of it, so I kept my financial rom away from my 41.
Could be vintage viruses? ;)


Marx Pio


this seems to be the cause of my 41's locking up and being in permanent (until drained of power) memory lost. maybe it is dirty. i think i'll give the rom a bath in carbon tet or something equally nasty then blow it out with compressed air. it dosn't cause a monster to pop out of my calculators chest but it is not good for my peace of mind to have them ignore all the keys. besides, i don't really need a finance rom. money comes in, it disapears. no need for a program there.


I have had the same problem with all kinds of rams, roms and the IL module.

To me atleast it seems like dirty contacts.

I pull the battery out of the machine and then slide the ram, rom , IL module in and out about 10 times. This so far has fixed the problem.

I would have to go with your conclusion that they are dirty but I haven't figured out the best way to clean the contacts(solution) without damaging them. So I haven't I just use my previous example to fix the problem.

Does anybody know the best way to clean the machine contacts and module contacts?



In general for cleaning contacts I use a hard rubber (eraser), as it has been used on ink drawings before there were CAD systems and a soft brush to remove the resulting dust.


could that be the famous En-Rom? ;-)


Enron, huh well...

Dealing with problems and bad financial decisions I bet you are right ;-)



I've been out for a few days (running, running, running...). Didi I lose something?

What is this En-Rom about? Sorry if this is as obvious as the question is to be disregarded...



En-ROM <-> Enron ;)


HI, Evgen; thanks.

I'm still in doubt... Why the killer? Why the En- prefix?

Can you help clearing?

Thanks and sorry for the dumb questions...


Have a look at.



It was just a kidding with the name Enrom. There was a problem with a db's rom and glynn made joke with the words.

É apenas uma brincadeira, db falou de uma rom com problemas e surgiu uma tal "en" rom(Enron), aquela megafalência nos USA Sacou?


Marx Pio

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