How to enter 2E-3 on a HP-19B2


Sorry if I disturb with such a dull question, RTFM, I know, but I was quite surprised that I was not able to enter 2E-3 on an HP-19BII (emulated). In any case the minus sign was set before the 2 so with all my effort I only got -2E3 what is not what I expected.

I should find a real HP-19B2 and some working batteries to test on a real thing, but may be someone here may shed some light on this matter before I get lost in the dark and dusty archives of my collection.



2 shift +/- - 3
The shift +/- is E. The - is minus, not +/-.


Thank you, strange, but it works. Someone here to explain that?



My guess is that would be the natural way an accountant would enter such a number.



... HP-19BII (emulated) ...

Sounds very interesting ;-)

Could you pls. tell on what system?

Best regards,

Peter A. Gebhardt

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Yes, I can! See here. It works on PC and Windoze-Emulators (Izi-Bizee-Weeene or Wine or alike, no: WineHQ). Years ago I had put together a list of those emulators, but as it's about 4 years old some links are dead, I warned you.




Thx. for your answer, but as I feared (and already knew) - the 19bII can't be emulated w/o HP's ROM ...

Because of your question (dedicated to the 19bII), I hoped that you were able to get a working version. So until HP changes it's mind and releases at least an educational PC Emulator, we are out of luck.

Best regards,

Peter A. Gebhardt

PS: Although I'm the happy owner of several 200LX, I was interested to get my hands on an HP19bII Emulator for EQN comparising purposes, because all remaining calculators offered on auctions have usually a broken battery cover and are somewhat useless for day to day use.


Hello Peter!

You own several HP200LX? Is it possible we know each other from a "HP200LX-Treff" (I try not to say "Stammtisch") in Waiblingen near Stuttgart? If you are interested just see here and drop Thomas a note (scroll down to bottom and on the next page too).

You probalby know that the calculator on the 200LX is a DOS-port of the HP-19B2, the same comes with it's Connectivity Pack. Both are compiled from the same sources. I still hope to finde someone who may help making an 200LX emulator as good as Chr. Gie├čelink's Emu42(because the Connectivity Pack is not a complete replacement of the real machine).




Sorry no - we didn't meet in the past.

Before Daniel Hertrich moved his residence, he was living about only 20 miles (35 kms) away from the town I live. At that time I bought one of his 6MB DS systems.

I started collecting 200LXs about two years ago (because of my profession - Financial Advisor), to have a working stock of systems available for the next 20 years or so ,-)

I'm aware of the CPACK200 which does run under VPC (on XP). There are small differences still in the implementation of the 19bII on the 200LX which made me looking for an emulator for the 19bII specifically.

Best regards,

Peter A. Gebhardt (Abensberg, Germany)


What is the difference you know? On the 200LX I may save the formulas I entered in a DOS file, yep, now what else?

And, what makes the 19B2 so specific that you do not use a 17B, 17B2, 17B2plus?



I still hope to finde someone who may help making an 200LX emulator as good as Chr. Gie├čelink's Emu42

I'd think that you could just use Bochs. Can you extract the 200XL file system and test on Bochs?


IMHO Bochs or Qemu or equvalent may do, alas the "internal" file system is hidden and "scrambled" (as far as I understand it), so only smal blocks of ROM are continious, at the boundary of each block the address where to continue execution is calculated. To get this calculation is the big hurdle to take.

The aim is, to allow the 200LX specific task-switching w/o closing the task you leave.

As I am not a PC specialist I have no idea where to start.


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