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Ran across this tonight. It contains a lot of interesting things, but look especially at the history of computing link; things I never new existed. (Couldn't find an hp, but there is a piece on nixie tubes.)




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Thanks for finding and sharing. To bring this thread off "off topic", IMHO at least the LCD example shown in said link comes from a Voyager :)


What an enjoyable website. It never ceases to amaze me how much effort people are willing to put into some hobby that they love. If only we could get that much satisfaction out of our jobs...


If only we could get that much satisfaction out of our jobs...

I think that, beyond our love for our hobbies, the element of voluntary participation is crucial to our enjoyment of them. If I had a job as curator of a calculator museum (a physical museum, not an online version) I would enjoy my work immensely. But if I felt pressed for time, or ill, or just plain lazy, there would still be an obligation to perform my curatorial duties. The element of play is what makes hobbies relaxing, and big part of that is the greater ability to call it quits when fatigue sets in. Goodness knows, you can still choose to press beyond the ragged edge of fatigue pursuing your hobby. But the word "choose" is crucial there.


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