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Hi all!

I've an HP-41 module that is labled XFUNCTIONS on the front-side and with HP-description HP 5061-5256 (instead of HP 82180 A) on the bottom. In my HP-41CX a CAT2 produces EXT FCN 1C and 2-times EXT FCN 2D (where one EXT FCN 2D is clearly CX-build-in). It seems that the module has no EXTENDED MEMORY build in. Does anyone has any information on this module?

Regards, Juergen

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it's better to check an X-Functions module with a C or CV, not a CX,

because you won't see more X-Memory for obvious reasons...

It's similar to trying to check a QUAD Memory module in a CV: It simply doesn't make sense;-)

At some point in production, HP seemed to have either renumbered the module itself not to carry the package name anymore,

at least I have seen many X-Functions modules which don't have the 82180A printed on their back,

while the whole product (module, manual, box) is still the HP 82180A.




Just like Raymond, I agree that the XFUNCTIONS module is not going to do anything in a HP-41CX (it may even conflict - although I haven't confirmed that). In particular, you're not going to get access to the X-MEMORY part of it, i.e. the 127 registers (I *have* tested that ;-).

All my XFUNCTIONS modules report -EXT FCN 1B. You obviously have a later version.



Raymond, Philippe, thanks for your input. And, yes, I know that it makes not much sense to have a XF in a CX ;-) it was just to see what the CAT2 would reveal due to the strange description that I couldn't interprete. Meanwhile, I got my hands on a CV and checked again: You're right, it's just an ordinary XF (Version 1C) with 124 regs. Thanks again!

Best Wishes, Jürgen


You're welcome; I'm glad to see that you actually knew what you were doing :-)

I wonder how many of these 1C versions there are out there?


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