Perceived demise of HP calculators


Maybe we should stop whingeing about the current situation and constructively lodge our dismay to hp on mass. Seems to me we have little to loose. Scotty Brisbane Australia



You could lodge your dismay, but I'd guess overall sales figures are "dismaying" enough to HP. I'd even expand that to say that's exactly why HP makes $6 & $15 alternatives to increasingly more powerful scientific. Rather than believing that HP tradition is ending, think of how it continues ... though quite different.


PS: Enron used TI's!!!!!!!!!!!


<PS: Enron used TI's!!!!!!!!!!!>

I now see the true cause of it's fall;-)

As to HP calcs: do you really think HP-C will waste money and good engineers on something as unprofitable, as scientific calcs? I believe they'll have much bigger problems than rioting calculator fans:((((( Too bad there's nothing like open-source for the hardware.......



Evgen raises the question of open-source hardware. There is a movement along the lines of Richard Stallman's open-source software movement for hardware athough it's in its infancy.

Thanks, David.


I suspect that Enron's choice of technology is not so much to blame, as is it's mode of use. It sounds like what they were really implementing was a cloaking device. (As in, to hide debt.)


Actually, Enron used a lot of HP12C's!... You can find them offfered on Ebay right now for ridiculous prices.


I guess you hve a good point Joe if sales figures are the problem. I'm not in a position to debate that one. One poit that is glaringly obvious,if you want to sell a trusted and sophisticated product to a equally sophisticated customers. a).It must be noted that you customers are discerning.
b).To have the product which challenges you discerning customers.
I feel Bill and Dave understood these concepts very well. Countless companys have little trouble charging hefty amounts of money for quality products,and they get it. Car makers have been doing it for the better part of a century.Inevitability is a choice in this case,I just happen to believe HP calculator customers deserve a little more respect than is presently happing. One hell of a lot of money has been made from previous customer loyalty. This may not be new news, HP here in Australia is respected on its past achievements, how it's seen in the future is what is taking place today. And that's not Inevitable.



The problem for just about every producer is that better does not equal sales. Of course, markets produce markets. Timex watches creates markets for Rolex. BMW creates a market for Ford, Vegi-mite creates a market for real food (sorry, couldn't resist). The question is whether or not a company elects to compete in the opposing market. HP's doing something but its difficult to read what their future is. Should comment, their crystal ball foresaw the scientific calculator, maybe the same vision sees it's end.


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