This was fun


Hello, I have used HPs since my first HP35 (1974ish) and on through the 19BII and 28S. I recently reverted to my 41C because of whatever.

I discovered this Web site by accident. I might go through the old 41 boxes (manuals, card reader, various modules) to see if there are any needed things.

It has been fun reading through some of the postings.

I still have my slide rules, too.

John M.


I reverted to an HP-41CX myself, after trying a 48GX and a 49G. Even though the 41CX isn't half as fast as either of the newer ones, and it doesn't have a tenth of its capabilities, I still prefer the 41CX.

Oh, and I have my old slide rule too. I don't think I've used it since 1976 or thereabouts, when I bought my first HP calculator, an HP-25. If I tried to use the slide rule today, I'd probably never figure it out. All I can do is multiply and divide, and then I always get the decimal point misplaced.


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