Maybe the Recession is Affecting Old HP Calcs


If you look at actual sales on the auction site by coburlin over the past 2 weeks, you will see that he sold..... NOTHING.

Maybe he'll have to have a 2% off sale to drum up some more business.

Fair and complete disclosure: My ebay id is "kctongo", and I have never purchased anything from coburlin.

Dan Grelinger


From what I can tell, he's been trying to sell the same classic items (HP55, HP65, HP67) for many years with no luck. My favorite was the boxed HP67 with a bad card reader for nearly $1000. He did have it on auction recently, but I don't see it now, so maybe he found a buyer. After all, there's a sucker born every minute.

Still you may have a point about the recession. It seems like classic calculators are selling for less than they did last year. I sold one of my working HP65's recently for much less than I paid for it. But, on the other hand, I bought an excellent working HP46 for only $255. So in times like this, it's truly a buyer's market.

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