HP41: What is a GMAC module?


On ebay someone is selling an HP41 "with GMAC Card".

I assume they mean module. But what is it?


Not a card, a module. I think it was/is used by GM car dealerships to calculate loans.


The GMAC module was manufactured for the General Motors Acceptance Corp - GM's financing division. One of my fondest calculator memories is when I purchased a 1983 Pininfarina Spider from the local Buick dealer. He was using his HP41 with the GMAC module to calculate my monthly payment. After announcing the payment, I pulled out my HP41 with the PPC module, punched in the data and announced that wasn't what I got! "Oh. I just assumed you'd want the credit life insurance."



According to my bank manager a GMAC module had a proprietary program which included certain fees and charges not otherwise shown to customers leasing /buying thru GM's financing subsidiary. Sales people just pumped in a few key numbers and watched the calc do the work. Remember GM doesn't make money buidling cars, it makes money financing sales/leases of autos. It is a bank disguised as auto manufacturer. Up here in Canada they and their dealers have successfully lobbied the government to continue a ban on banks entering the auto leasing business.

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