HP SmartCalc 300s


Have I missed something? Found a picture of a new HP calculator on HPs calculator pages with a remark "coming soon"

HP SmartCalc 300s

Maybe this calculator has already discused here?


Yes, it was discussed some here


Yeah, what Katie said. ;-)

If you want one right now, you can get it here:


Just scratch off the old logo, get a Sharpie and write "HP".


So, even though the above was written with sarcasm in mind, I did have to pause for a moment and reflect that I really probably *would* pick up a SmartCalc 300s if it had an HP logo on it, even though I probably wouldn't even consider picking up the Office Depot version.

Weird how that works (at least in MY psyche) -- slap an HP logo on it and I'm inclined to buy it. ;-)



Well. Here's another OEM-mess HP got us into.


So, interesting fact here...

I had to go to Office Depot tonight to pick up some toner for my printer, and decided to check out the calculators. They had the 12cp, the non-silver 17bii+ (hmmm...) and the very sharp looking new 10b. They also had a QuickCalc for $4.99, so I bought one in each color.

The also had the Aptiva 30x, so I decided to check it out. Upon pulling the first one from the rack, I noticed its LCD display had leaked into the viewing area. Bummer. I grabbed the next one, and it had the SAME problem. In the rack of eight of them, three had some sort of bleeding issue with the LCD fluid. Not a good sign. This may be something related to the 30x model, as they had other Aptiva's there and none of the ones I saw had LCD issues.



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