Does Chinese 48G+ have better screen?


I have read that HP 48G+'s manufactured in China have better screens then the ones made in Indonesia. (green vs. gray). Is this true? Is the difference worth the effort to find/buy a Chinese made calc?


To the best of my knowledge there have been four "versions" of the 48 G/GX with regard to the lcd display. The first version (back in 93) had the well known "blue on light green" display. The second was similar in color but had significantly higher contrast. I purchased a GX in 94 with this display so they must have been introduced around then.
This is the display that was used in all 48's until recently. In 2001 I believe, HP began manufacturing 48's with a new "black on light tan display" . These calcs were made in Indonesia and seemed to have some quality problems. Particularly, after buying one I noticed what one might call a "defect" although I think a better term would be "design flaw" since this was characteristic of all the new 48's manufactured in Indonesia. Specifically the lcd had discolorations near the bottom left and right corners.
( See this posting for more information : )
Every model manufactured in Indonesia around the same time that I saw had this same problem.
Also, the construction seemed to be of a lesser quality ( ie. the calc weighed less than earlier models and had a less "solid" feel ) and the keys were painted. Recently HP has performed a switcheroo again and started to produce all of its high end graphicals in China. I've heard that these use yet another display version that has corrected the problems of the previous ones. Specifically, it is a higher contrast "black on white" (or light gray) display. Indeed, I think it is the same as the newest lcd version used in the 49. ( the model used in recently manufactured Chinese 49's )

All of the big consumer electronics chains I've been to ( eg. Fry's Electronics ) seem to only carry 3 year old 1999 Indonesian calcs. If you want a better chance of getting a recently manufactured calc may I suggest Samson Cables ( ). You might try e-mailing them about this since they've put an effort into stocking new Chinese 49's .

Hope this helps...


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So, you would highly recommend that I try finding a new Chinese manufactured 48G+? Are these only made in Indonesia or China now (no Singapore?)?

Thanks for your in depth response. It was a big help.

Also, in your opinion the screen/quality of an Indonesian HP 48 manufactured in 1999 would be better then on made there in 2001?


Norman B. wrote :

"So, you would highly recommend that I try finding a new Chinese manufactured 48G+? Are these only made in Indonesia or China now (no Singapore?)?"

All of HP's graphing calcs are now manufactured in China I believe.

"Also, in your opinion the screen/quality of an Indonesian HP 48 manufactured in 1999 would be better then on made there in 2001?"

Well, that depends on your definition of "quality" ;). The contrast of the 2001 Indonesian models is excellent, MUCH better than the older "blue on light green" screens. But, as I said in my previous post these screens suffer from a defect in the form of discolorations near the bottom corners. It's not that noticeable but it is visible. The latest Chinese models have corrected this AFAIK.



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I just checked my ~stable. My GX is stamped on the back from Singapore, and the G+ likewise from Indonesia. The displays are _identical_ in both off and on states, and (since I don't have that many in the stable to compare them to :) would appear to be "blue on green", easier to read than my old 48S (also a Singapore manufacture), but definitely not black on anything else. So possibly the manufacturing quality changes weren't associated with the move to Indonesia, but with process modifications after Indonesian manufacture was the norm.



I have a 48G+ with the same 49G's LCD. It is a lot better for reading, and the calc is Made in Indonesia, Serial # ID13900770. I've posted something about it in here a few months ago.


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