HP-49g+ and SD Cards


I didn't want to hijack the existing thread on the use of SD and SDHC cards with a 50g, seeing as how they are fairly different. But this observation seems relevant to some of the things said there:

I had, at separate times starting several years back, a 128 MB and a 64 MB SD card in my 49g+ and in both cases, the calculator took so long to turn on, times reaching up to a minute, I began to suspect there was something wrong with it, or that the last ROM update killed it. And when it finally turned on, use of the card was not easy at all, as it took a long time to navigate as well.

Then I recently bought a new camera and it came with a 32 MB card. I switched that into the 49g+ and it powers on instantly! Searching the SD card in the calculator was also now actually fast enough to be of use. I wish I had been able to procure a smaller capacity SD card much earlier.

I suspect however, that 32, or 16 or even 8 MB for that matter, is really all a HP calculator user could ever need, even if he collected many of the user created programs out there in HP calc-fandom.

Now I fear that with my aging CPU (Athlon 64 skt 754), if I get a bigger hard drive, I'll need a week to find files... imagine if my old brain got more cells for memory; I'll remember everyone I meet, what I had for lunch each day for ten years, and remember to drop off the mail or pick up some milk... a month later.


Format those other ones as FAT, not FAT32 and they will be just as speedy. Unfortunately, the implementation is such that the calculator scans all clusters on powerup. This means that since fat32 has millions more, it takes longer. :-(



I'll also add that newer larger cards are generally faster than older smaller cards in the 50g/49g+. See: http://sense.net/~egan/hpgcc/#Sidebar:%20Memory%20Card%20Performance (all cards were FAT formatted).


Tim and Egan, thanks for the information. Just to satisfy my curiosity, I might try a 4 GB class 6 SDHC in there and see what happens. I'll most likely stay with the smaller, older card, however, since the calculator requires the least memory space, out of all the uses I need SD cards for.


It has to be a plain SD card. What will happen is the calculator won't power on with an SDHC in there. :-(


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