A little survey among HP's calculator collectors.


How many proud owner of an HP-95C (except Museum's curator) there are?

Many thanks



I have the same question regarding the HP-81.


I have an HP81.


How and when did you acquire it? Have you completed the trilogy (HP-80, HP-81, HP-92)?


I've got all three. All came from from that website with the 4 brightly colored letters over the past several years.

I have most of the HP calculators, but alas no 95C :(

However, to make up for that collecting shortcoming I do have a 94d, 94e and 94f!


I have the two printed Manuals for the HP95C.

How many people have the TI-88. I have one.

X < > Y,



I think you are 50% of the total population. ;)


Okay, I have a TI-88, too!

What is your serial number and date code?

Who owns a TI-78?





You should attend HHC2009 AND bring the TI-88 to show it!!




Will do!



Hi Joerg;
I haven't crawled around Datamath for a while. This time i found the 68 / EC4044. It looked like a useful tool and judging form it's longevity, it was. Too bad about that non-functional enter key ;-)



I have the 80 (a couple of them), the 81, 92, 12C, 17BII+ and Casio BF-100 :-).



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