HP41 Series Battery Contact Assembly on EBay



I've purchased complete, clean, working 41Cs for less than the price of this item!! Looks like the seller has a bunch, and is selling them off one at a time. Here's the next listing:




Yup. I contacted the seller about the picture of the bag of assemblies, and he ignored my question; he just repeated that he was only selling one.

Needless to say, I did not bid!



I just checked the new listing -- he learned his lesson and is not showing the picture of the whole bag!



Say you already have a 41CV or CX that is nice except for the battery contact assembly.

Sure, you might be able to find a "clean working 41C" for less but what would you do? You already have the 41CV with bad contact. Would you rather buy a 41C and ruin it to get an assembly for the 41CV or spend a few dollars more for a replacement contact assembly?

The contact assembly is the hardest part to replace on an HP-41. About the only place you can get them are from 41s that are completely destroyed. Otherwise, you can restore the 41 itself.

Yes, all parts are equally hard to replace but the contact assembly is the one that is likely to be bad.

I think the prices are just about right for this part.


I agree. This part is hard to find new and can for some make the difference between a functional HP-41C and a throw away. I am sure alot of people in the days gone by pitched these calcs just because the gold contacts were worn or corroded. I don't think there is anything wrong in selling extras one by one to maximize gain. I think alot of people use money from ebay sales to buy other calcs at high ebay prices. It certainly is the most convenient way to enlarge your collection.


You can occasionally find a for-parts '41C for sale. They seem to be bringing around $30-$50 though. I have purchased several of them... but they all wound up being repairable. The three main faults of "dead" 41 units: dirty pressure contacts, corroded battery assembly, cracked screw posts/bosses. Of the well over fifty HP41 units that I have repaired these accounted for all but two or three of the faults.

I have seen well over a dozen corroded up battery assemblies... and all but one could also be repaired with a little brass channel stock and mayby a jumper wire or two.

Forty five dollars does seem a bit excessive for them, but it IS probably your only way to get a shiny looking new one. Unless you just HAVE to have a new one, try repairing your old one first.


>Forty five dollars does seem a bit excessive for them...

Try $63.22. I think I've purchased two or three "parts" 41Cs for that...


I have contacted the seller earlier (during his first posting on eBay) for some of the Battery Contact Assy to replace some of my dead 41CV's that in need of the transplant, he was willing to let me have them for $55.00/ea direct without going thru eBay, but limited to only two pieces.

I was not too keen because of the high price! Nevertheless, if any of you have noticed that there were two versions of the Battery Contact Assy, the earlier version with high density form as the backing for the flexible PCB, whereas, the later version comes with silicon which is harder in term of hardness. They were not quite interchangeable since the screw length used was different, and might damage the screw posts - just my opinion!

Thank you.


That is why I say the hardest part to find is the battery contact. Any parts 41 is likely to be repairable and hence is not a good source of parts.

I think the battery contact assembly is a good deal. Wish it was a little cheaper but what do you think HP would charge, if they still made them?

Anyone know? Now, the fact that they are not made any more shoud drive up the price, don't you think?

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