Still Looking for new scans


I'm working on the 7th version of the DVD and CD sets so I'm looking for more document scans. If we can find enough new material, Version 7 should come out some time this year.

Here's what we have:

Documents already on DVD V6

Documents already promised for DVD V7

I'm looking for any manuals that are missing. There should be many more Non-English manuals than we have. There are probably still a few English manuals missing as well.

Also I'd like to get scans of individual User's Library Programs. I have the ones listed in the document above but I'm sure there are many more floating around...

Also HP-65 Key Notes. I have only Volume 1 numbers 4 and 5, and volume 2 number 1. Others are needed. - This is HP-65 Keynotes - published from 1974 to ... 1977? - not the later HP Key Notes which we already have on the DVDs.

Here's information on scanning and transmitting documents.

There are basically two standards for scanning: for new manuals, they just need to be readable, though as nice looking as possible is always nice. If you want to submit an improved color scan of an existing manual, my standards are higher. For replacements, I'm looking for really nice scans - fully illuminated from corner to corner, straight etc.

If you have some manuals you can scan, please contact me and I'll add you to the list.

Currently I have a big stack to scan myself, so I'm looking for scans rather than loans of more manuals to add to my stack. If you have a manual but not a scanner, please try to contact someone on the forum for scanning.


Hi Dave, first many thanks for the work your doing on the DVD set. It's amazing to see such a collection of valuable HP calculators related documents going even better!

Now a few points regarding the documents promised for the DVD V7 (my little contribution):

1) The HP-41C/CV Dutch Operating Manual I've sent to you is missing on the DVD V7 page.

2) I'm currently scanning the HP-32S French Owner's Manual (180 pages done already - high quality, as much as I can)

3) I've two others manuals you can add to the DVD V7 list: HP-41C Standard Applications (French) & HP-41C Stat Pac (French)


OK, I've added those to the list plus a couple that were emailed. Thank you!


Hi Dave,
I have HP-65 Key Note V2N3, V2N2 and V2N3 I can scan for you.


Thank you Bob! Two of those numbers look the same to me. Are there 2 or 3 issues?

Does anyone have any other HP-65 Key Notes?


Sorry about that typo. It's V1N3.


Thank you Bob! I've added these to the list.


Hi David,

Sorry to butt in, but in scanning your list to see if I could help (in my very modest way), I noticed that you mention "The HP 48 Handbook (James Donnelly)".

Would that be the first edition, or the second edition?

They are quite different (I noticed that while looking around - I am still looking for the 2nd edition).




Paul Tergeist, a member of the French MySilicium forum is searching for a French manual for the HP-16C: See his post.

It's on neither list, yet.

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