HP65/67/41 card reader gears


Hi All, I was just wondering if any know if the various card reader rollers are interchangeable ?. I have a roller with a black nylon gear, and one with a white nylon gear, and I am pretty sure that the black one is from a HP65, not sure about the white one, which looks to me to be the same size. Does anyone know more about these ?



Hello John,
the roller is the same for all HP handheld 65/67, Topcat 97 and for the HP 82104A card reader, regardless the color.
You can use it on all readers.




Hi Ignazio,

That's great, thanks for the information. I guess I should also ask, how interchangeable are the motors - any ideas ?



Like the roller, the motors and the worm gears are the same.
The magnetic head subassembly is the same for HP 65/67/97 as well.



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Thanks Ignazio - much appreciated.


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