HP-42S ROM download to HP-48G?


Hi all,

Some time ago, the hard drive where I used to keep Emu42 and my collection of Pioneer ROM images died, and it appears I don't have a back-up of it either. I would like to get at least the HP-42S ROM image back, since I need it for testing Free42 (occasionally I have to compare it to "the real thing" to make sure I've gotten the little details you can't find in the manual right)... For now I'm using my real HP-42S, but I feel a bit uneasy using that museum piece for testing. ;-)

I downloaded the latest Emu42 from Christoph's web site, and also his Pioneer ROM extraction package, but it turns out that you need at least an HP-48G+ to receive the ROM image, and I only have a humble HP-48G, which of course does not have enough RAM to hold the whole HP-42S ROM in once piece.

Is there a way to download the ROM in smaller pieces? Or would someone be willing to help me with this -- I could send them my 42S, or they could send me their 48G+, etc., I would of course pay for all costs incurred in the operation.

- Thomas



Let me know how I can help. Are you in the USA?

Please send email.

Thomas C.


I have received several responses already and I'm happy to say my problem is taken care of. Thanks to all who responded!

- Thomas

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