Problem sending data via IR from HP48 to HP50g


I am having trouble sending data from my HP 48SX to my HP 50g via the IR ports. I have both calculators configured for I/O via IR, binary data, CKSM = 3, and 9600 baud (I don't think this matters). I have tried setting the HP 50g to be both an Xmodem server and manual receive. When I issue the send command on the HP 48sx, it goes through several retries, then times out with an error. Similarly, the HP 50g using manual receive tries unsuccessfully to communicate with the HP 48sx.

Any assistance will be appreciated.



I've done some more research, and it appears that the IR communication port in the HP 48 series calculators (except the HP 48gII) is not compatible with the later HP 49 and HP 50 series calculators. Although the protocols and commands are the same, the actual signals are not, so the two calculators cannot communicate. Therefore, the only way for me to transfer my equations and programs from my old HP 48SX to my new HP 50g will be the tedious process of 1) transfer files from HP 48SX to old DOS PC using serial cable 2) transfer files from DOS PC to floppy disk 3) transfer files from floppy disk to Windows XP PC 4) transfer files in Windows to HP 50g using USB cable.

Well, I guess this is the price of progress.


You can skip all tedious steps by buying >$5 serial to USB adapter


Please elaborate. What connects to what and how do they communicate?



I'm sure you can figure out how that works. :-)

You'll want to get one that uses the prolific chipset. The easiest way is to look for one that is tranparent blue on the case and has those two pointed nobs on the top and bottom. I have used almost all chipsets availalbe on the market and none of them have been problem free at less common baud rates, flow control, etc.



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You send whatever from hp48 to your computer (win-xp) first and then from the computer to HP50. You can't connect HP48 to HP50 directly with those adapters

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Aha! (Light bulb goes on inside aging DOS brain). I did not know that an RS232 serial port could be morphed into a USB port. So, the only thing I'm not sure of is will Windows recognize my HP 48SX calculator as the device attached to that port, given that the USB drivers are meant for the HP 50g. Anyway, it's worth a try for less than $10.

Thanks for your patience and help.



It will for sure, hey, that's the great HP48 after all ;)


Another posibility is that you can actually connect the calculators directly to transfer if you buy the 50g serial cable sold on The 50g serial cable will plug into the 48 serial cable and you can talk using kermit. The 50G has a non-standard serial that needs some power and circuitry to work its magic.



Now you're talking! This is what I really wanted to do in the first place. The price of this cable is about the same as one of those USB to RS232 serial adapters with the fancy Prolific chipset. I already have the RS232 serial cable for my HP 48SX, so I'm set, and there's no need to load new software on my computer. This reduces the 2-step procedure (HP48SX to PC to HP50g) down to a 1-step direct procedure (HP48SX to HP50g).

After checking out the site, I learned something else about my HP 50g. I can save the batteries, by powering it from the PC with the USB cable. Apparently, the HP 50g has the smarts to do this, similar to other USB devices like my mpeg player.

Thanks for the help!



Glad to know that will work best for you.

Those prolific ones tended to be on the cheap end of the scale when I was last looking for a supply a year ago. Wonder what happened since. . .


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