HP 12C -which country?


Hi to all,
I have just bought new HP 12C, made in Malaysia. Quality is rather poor. Which country makes the best HP 12C calcs nowadays?


Do we really have a choice as to where the calculator's are made? Is it a "take it or leave it" kind of deal?



Chinese 12C's seem to be the best nowadays.
But only because they're not made somewhere else.

From my experience the U.S. made 12C's have the best quality, along with some from Brazil.

The point is: If the calc has molded keys,
it's a good indicator for the overall quality,
at least for the voyager series calcs.



Where are the current rpn calculator's manufactured (32sii and 48g+)?? How can you find out where the calculator is made prior to buying one?


AFAIK the only model still in production is the 12C.

But in general, the lastest production country for all models is China.

You can identify a calculator's origin by it's serial number, and sometimes by an imprint on the packaging.
But be aware, that the packaging printing doesn't *guarantee* the origin of the calc itself.

Serial number schemes can be found here in the museum.



China. Why? They are he only ones! If not, Show Me The Label.

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