MathU RPN calc for iPhone


Disclaimer: I neither own, nor endorse, the iPhone platform. I have seen several of the HP clones for the iPhone, and wish I had one. ;-)

I do own the MathU RPN calculator (modeled after an HP-like calc) for the Palm Treo. They just sent me an email saying that their port of the MathU calc for the iPhone is available for a limited time for $0.99 from the iTunes store.

So all you iPhone geeks, go give it a try and let us know what you think! ;-)




The graphics on the app look good but it is setup more like a financial calculator than a scientific like it's name implies. Most of the functions I'd use are shifted. I didn't get it.


FYI, you can customize the keyboard to a very large extent. So if you don't like the financial functions, replace them. If you want something unshifted, assign it this way.

BTW, my ideal virtual calc may be a blend of MathU and Free42. My MathU does not feature matrix functions, nor solve nor integrate. My Free42 does not allow customizing, at least AFAIK. And both are only virtual. Nothing comes close to a real keyboard.

Disclaimer (for the US): I'm in no way linked to Creative Creek. I'm just a happy user (on my PDA, no iPod).

Ceterum censeo: HP, launch a 43s.



Free42 does not allow customizing, at least AFAIK.

Free42 does allow customizing to some extent, by creating custom skins. In the packages on the Free42 web page, there are a few skins that map the area just above the keys to the corresponding shifted keystrokes (SemiAuto*, Khor), that map the area just to the right of some keys to letters of the alphabet, allowing text to be entered a bit more easily (Khor), and that map Roll-up (42ck, 42ct, Sven320x240mini) and CLST (42ck, 42ct) to the keyboard.

Special-purpose skins that map, say, statistics or matrix functions to keys are also possible. I'll admit it's not really a substitute for a built-in skin customizer like MathU has, though.

- Thomas


I recently bought an unusual RPN calculator for the iPhone (iPod Touch) called TouchRPN ($5.99). It has more to it than looks at first glance. It has an infinite stack, can use units within calculations, all keys are customizable and you can write programs for it in MP-FORTH (Multi-Precision FORTH). One feature it desperately needs is a way to import or export its configuration and programming.
It appears to be very powerful and has potential but I am struggling to get a handle on its operation.

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