Insufficient Memory


My HP48 works and I am trying to use COGO GX/SX,
After I enter COGO48 it shows the menu, but as soon I enter any function, it give me the "Insufficient Memory" message.
I cleared memory by using AF and ON keys already.

I appreciate your help


What does the associated documentation tell about memory requirements?

Maybe you're using an SX without an additional RAM card.

The SX only has 32K RAM built-in, whereas the GX has 128K onboard.

Does the manual provide any examples, and if yes, do they work?

Questions over questions;-)



Remove the cogo card from the calculator and clean the contacts of the card with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab. Let dry. Clear the memory of the calculator again with the three fingered salute and turn off. Reinsert card, restart with COGO48 and see what you get.

If that doesn't work, try the card in another GX. That way you'll know if it is the card or the calculator.



Depending upon the card and calculator you may be required to have a memory card. Also there is probably a proceedure described in the manual where you clear memory, enter the COGO card, turn on the calculator, turn off the calculator, insert the memory card and the COGO card and turn on the calculator.

Is this a TDS COGO card? Raymond is right - there is insufficient information given. There are a couple of companies that make these cards and a number of different levels to the cards (basic COGO to Data Collector and on up into Road Works).

Didn't you get a manual with the card?



TDS COGO does not require additional memory, only SURVEY and SURVEY PRO need it.

SMI COGO is fine without a card as well.

Didn't you get a manual with the card?

Sure they did. Threw it out years ago :^)


Me too. Actually I have a manual and no card. :)



I have both 48SX and 48GX, and I don't have a Manual them.
TDS COGO that I have worked on 48GX before, I exited the program to try on 48SX and it's no longer working.
It show the menu for COGO and as soon as I enter any function, it kicks out and give the Error "Insufficient Memory".



Are you saying that it will not work on the GX now, or only that it wont work on the SX?



Sorry about the formating, but this is about the best I can do.  
It seems to reformat the numbering.
I have about 4 different TDS manuals for HP-48 and one TDS Manual
for the HP200. The only card I have is for the HP200.

I think this manual is the most basic COGO.

From my TDS-COGO48 User's Manual (1990)


Be certain tha you have three AAA alkaline battery cells properly
installed in your HP-48SX before you begin the card installation
process. If you have no cards plugged into your HP-48SX, you may
go to step 3.

1) Turn your HP-48SX OFF
2) Remove any IC cards you may have plugged into your 48.
(This will cause a system memory loss if your plug-in RAM is
configured as part of the main system RAM.)
3) Turn your HP-48SX ON
4) Turn your HP-48SX OFF
5) Insert your TDS-COGO48 Card into Port 1 of your HP-48SX.
(Port 1 may be identified by the graphic on the back of the unit.)
Cards are installed with the card graphics facing up when the 48
is inverted (keyboard down).
6) Turn your HP-48SX ON
7) Turn your HP-48SX OFF
9) Your HP-48SX is now properly configured

Yes the manual has omitted number 8

The numbers then continue with 10 regarding the installation of a
RAM card.

Then the manual covers running the TDS-COGO48

To run the COGO Card Software, first press the alpha key twice

Now in alpha mode type "TDSCOGO" and [enter]

You should now see the main menu.

Installing a RAM Card

10) Install an HP-82214A or HP-82215A RAM Card in Port 2
(Port 2 may be identified by the graphic on the back of the unit.)
Cards are installed with the card graphics facing up when the 48
is inverted (keyboard down).
11) Turn your HP-48SX ON. When you turn on your TDS-COGO48
the first time, you will get and "invalid Card Data" error
message. This is normal. Ignore this error message and proceed
with running your TDS-COGO48. If you have installed the RAM card
properly and you get a "No RAM card in port 2" error message, you
probably have the write protect switch on your RAM card set.
Try adjusting this switch which is located on the top edge
of the card.
12) The first time that you attempt to use a RAM card
which has not been used previously with the TDS-COGO48 or a TDS-48,
the unit will prompt you with the message "Can I erase all data in
port 2? Be certain that you do not want to save any information
which may have been recorded by other applications before you
press "Y".

Cant help more than that because I dont have the card.


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Hi Forrest,

If you use the [pre] [/pre] delimiters, you have to put the carriage returns in yourself...that's all.

For instance:

The quick brown fox
Jumps over the lazy dog

There is a manual carriage return after fox.

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Thanks Bill,

I kinda figured that out. I had typed it in word and converted to text, then previewed it and all the numbers had been stacked after each other. Then I selected preformatted, put the text where it needed to be and the preview looked ok, but of course it wasn't.



Almost every time I use [pre]\ with a substantial amount of text, I end up having to edit after I post--the proofreading in the edit window creates "gotchas" :-)


Forrest, you can still edit your posts and correct the formatting. The PRE tags are useful for code listings but not for body text, because the word wrap is disabled in preformatted paragraphs. There is more formatting available: Advanced formatting options.

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