More ebay madness


Look at item 1328733112 -- a non-working HP41C and manuals in "good" shape (and we know what that means). The current bid is for $102.50. What are these people thinking?

And there I was hoping to get a broken hp41 so I could vandalize the battery/IO contact thingy.




The two high bidders both have 0 feedback.

A while ago, there were people who got a kick out of creating ebay names to bid (anyone can do that with NO id check at all), bidding things really high, and then disappearing, never to be heard from again.

It's possible that's what this is.

Or an example of sheer ignorance!


Do you think their might be a connection between(among) this 41C, the recent Enron 12C, and the following item in the Museum Classified Ads?

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