Where to buy a new HP 48G+?


I am looking to buy a new hp 48g+ and read previous post about avoiding buying one manufactured in Indonesia. Are the 48G+ models all manufactured in Indonesia? A friend just purchased one and it was made in Indonesia and has a date of 1993 on the back (purchased thru buy.com). Do they all have 1993 as the date regardless of when they were made?

Thanks in advance of your help!


I bought one from hp directly and the website said it came with a leather case. The case it actually came with was nylon. Did other 48G+ buyers receive the same nylon type case (or was I lied too)? Not sure about where manufactured or the date as I left the calculator at the office.


The standard case for the 48 is nylon with an (imitation?) leather patch on the front-bottom. Maybe this patch justifies calling it leather in some peoples minds.


Thanks Steve. Where was your HP48 manufactured?


Mine are old, bought between '93 and '96. 2 G's and 2 GX's. All made in Singapore.


I'm not sure where the all calculator's are manufactured. My 48G+ was made in Indonesia. I'm guessing that they're all made in Indonesia now.


I bought my new HP48G+ from Calcpro website www.calcpro.com. I have made several purchases from Calcpro and have had good dealings with its manager, Paul Nelson.

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