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Just thought I would say hi as a new member. I have always had an interest in programmable calculators since I saw and purchased the Commodore PR100 back in the 1970s when I was 16, which I still have and which still works:-)

I have got myself re-interested in such 'beasts' by virture of a virtual HP 41 CX, (sorry its not the real thing),courtesy of the Itouch and the excellent ic41cx+. Have started reading about the history, the various user clubs and also started to delve into various books like Extend your HP41, synthetic progamming etc. All very satisfying.

I haven't quite understood the point of synthetic programming but assume it was an excuse for people to 'hack' into the HP41 , as well as the fact that it saved progamming memory and enabled additional functionality - but it does seems pretty complex to achieve all of that.

In trying to find a manual online for the CCD module, I came across this link to a manual for :Intelligence Aid for Evaluating Enemy Courses of Action (ENCOA): Guide for Manual and HP41-C/HP41-CV Calculator Procedures". Its a shame that the manual itself isnt available and but it shows the extent of the usage of the HP 41 in its heyday, which I thought might interest you.

Also came across a current add on Ebay with a proce of Euro 600 for new HP41 cassette tapes !! Now that does seem a bit over the top.




Link attached :


Nigel, there is a certain "Buy it Now" only seller who's nick shares some letters with my last name. His way of doing business isn't well acknowledged here. I must admit that the forum members are right in there opinion. His prices are totally off.


Hi Nigel,

I'm new myself - having joined just a few days ago; however, probably like a lot of members, I've been reading the forum for a while before joining.

I actually rekindled my love of HPs barely a year ago, after wondering if I could able to find the HP-41CV of my youth. It's amazing what you can miss when you're not looking, and I hadn't been looking for about 24 years...I looked on eBay, and this has been the source of all my calculators since.

eBay is a big place, and you have a few sharks around. Like Marcus mentions, there's one guy in particular who sells at over-inflated prices. There's a directory of eBay HP calculators fans maintained in an eBay guide. It's far from exhaustive (I'm not on it ;-), but it has a few good [bad!] names. Look for "HP calculators directory" in the Guides section.




Where is this ebay "Guides Section" Do you have a link? Thanks - Michael



I don't know if it's good manners in this forum to paste actual links (please let me know if I make a "faux pas"), but here we go:

The guides (and reviews) section is here:


And the particular guide I was talking about is here:





Rest assured that there is nothing faux about your pas. Providing and sharing useful information among members is what this forum is all about. I found the equivalent to this link on the USA ebay ( as follows:

I am quite familiar with some of the bad names on this list. Unfortunately, some of the good seller names like davehal2001 are no longer active, having become discouraged with ebay's ever increasing fees and lessening protection for sellers.

Thanks for your contribution,



Thanks for the kind words Michael,

I'm still making my first gingerly steps in here. It's a bit like stepping into a room full of people sharing the same passion, and knowing some of them by reputation, but they don't know you, and being a bit awed by it - and not knowing exactly what's the best way to behave, or the full etiquette.

Oh well, I'll get better with time I guess ;-)



Adding links is encouraged. If you look at the bottom left of your edit window, you'll see a button marked "Link." Pressing that will give you a series of two popups, first for the address, and second for the text attached to the link. That makes the link clickable, with the attendant minor convenience to your readers of not having to cut and paste the address. :)

I also reawakened my love for HP calculators by using an emulator. For me, it was Nonpareil by Eric Smith. My subsequent collecting mania and time gobbling technical obsession can be laid at his door. (Hi, Eric :)



Thanks Howard, I had indeed missed the "Link" button. Oops. Still getting used to this :-)

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