How do I glue the back label of an HP-16C back on? (or of most Voyagers, for that matter)


Hi all,

I have an HP-16C which had its back metallic label/plate damaged and amateurishly repaired (before I got it).
I managed to remove the plate (with lots of patience, Un-Du, and some string), but I will need to put it back at some point.
I need to know what's a good glue or double-sided tape to use...

I am reasonably sure that this information must be somewhere on this forum already, but I can't find it. I ask for your indulgence, I'm probably not searching the right way...

I got the HP-16C a while back. The metal plate looked like it had been impacted off-centre, which had managed to lift off the bottom-right section of it. The previous owner apparently super-glued it back on (two "corners", one on either side of the rubber foot), but the plate was now slightly buckled of course. The end result, after many years, was one corner unglued, the other corner (by the contact spring) still holding, and both corners having had the black paint rubbed off from friction (there is so little clearance with these rubber feet).

What I managed to do was remove the plate, with minimal creasing (not easy!), and not lose the minute contact springs.
However, the old glue is effectively wasted.
The plate was held in place by what looks like pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) double-sided tape. The tape itself is actually very thin, and I'm pretty sure that standard double-side adhesive tape uses a far thicker medium.
The problem now (after I manage to roll the plate 100% flat again) is to glue the plate back on properly. The old tape is damaged somewhat (both from old, and from my "work") so it would be best to replace it completely. Hence my original questions...

Thanks in advance for all your help.


I used some double-sided sticky tape to fix the display bezel back on a Voyager. It worked very well, and I think the same stuff would work on the back plate.

Unfortunately, I don't know what it is : it's on an unnamed reel, so probably just generic stuff from an art shop.

However, it's thinner than some types : the tape is really just a backing carrier, and when it's peeled away the only thing left on the surface is a thin layer of glue. This is probably better than something that has a core that stays in place in the joint.

I also had to roll the bezel flat (or rather, indented in the proper way). This was fairly successful except for a small crease. Are replacement bezels still available ? Maybe the 12c platinum uses one ?


Thanks Adrian,

I guess the tape you used sounds right, but I'm just worried about the strength of the adhesive (and the fact that I don't want it to dry up and become brittle). I looked around a bit more, and the thinnest tape I could find was rated at 0.5mm. Somehow that still seems too thick to me...And of course the type/strength of the glue is another matter.

Asking at an art shop is a good tip. I hadn't thought about that (I was thinking electronics/DIY shops).

I've never heard of replacement Voyager bezels, but I'm no expert.


I wouldn't recommend double sided tape. As you noted, even the thinnest tape is quite thick.

Any auto supply store will carry spray-on trim adhesive. As you'd expect, it's a spray can that sprays glue; normally, it's used to apply things like headliners.

Lay your label face down on a newspaper in your garage and spritz the back side with a brief burst of adhesive. Slap the label on the calculator. Wonder what to do with the remaining 99% full can of adhesive...


Hi David,

Thanks for the tip. That sounds good, I hadn't thought about that. I'll look it up, but do you know if that type of spray-on would be as strong as the original glue? Would it also be semi-permanent, i.e. could it still be removed with e.g. UnDu? I mean, I wouldn't want it to act like super-glue...

As for the remaining 99%, well, I could always offer my services ;-)

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