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Hello everyone. I have now collected enough hardware, software and knowledge to start playing with HP-IL and my HP-41. Over time, I have collected two 82160A HP-IL Modules, two 82161A Tape Drives, an 82162A Printer, an 82163A Video I/F, an 82164A RS-232 I/F, an 82973A PC I/F and an 82183A Extended I/O Module. Last week I got the final piece I wanted, a 9114B 3 1/2" Disk Drive.

I've also been reading the HP-IL Introductory Guide as recommended in the Extended I/O manual which is a good read to learn more about how HP-IL works. Included in one of the tape drives is a tape that has the software for demonstrating the capabilities of the 41 system. I ran that over the weekend and successfully tested the tape drives, the printer, the video I/F and the Extended Function and Time modules built into the 41CX. So far so good.

I have about a dozen tapes (about half being new in their wrappers) and I want to make a backup of the demo tape. Since I just got the 9114 along with 10 disks, I thought I would use the Mcopy command in the Extended I/O module to copy the data from the tape to a 3 1/2" disk. Even though I reformatted the disk using Newm, I get hardware handshaking errors when I try copying the media on the 41CX.

I hooked just the two tape drives and had similar problems along with when trying to get a Dir from the tape drives and it reports invalid media even though they read fine before. So, I've broken the loop down and all peripherals appear to work when they are alone on the loop with the 41CX.

I suspect that some of the interconnecting loop cables are bad or perhaps one of the HP-IL connectors is intermittent. My question is, finally, can I use Mcopy (loop is set to 1=tape drive, 2=disk drive) to copy files from the tapee to disk? Also, are there any issues I need to be aware of to keep the HP-IL loop reliable? Finally, when using Nmda what number should I use for the directory size? 080?

Thanks for the feedback.



Dear Gerry,

more helpfully tools for operating HP-IL with HP-41 are the CCD-Module (CAT 0 lists the devices) the EXT-IL or better the EXT-IL-Plus module and last not least my new 700 page book "HP-41 Input / Output Board & IL2000 Interface System" wich includes a great collection of knowldege about HP-41 & HP-IL. An alternatively solution for printing- and mass storage applications is EMU41 in combination with the HP-IL/PC Interface Card...

Best regards - Christoph Klug


Thanks Christoph. I looked into ordering your book, "HP-41 Input / Output Board & IL2000 Interface System" last December but the publisher's website was in German and I couldn't figure out how to order it. I went down to my local Borders and gave them the ISBN number but they couldn't find a listing for it. I also checked the classified ads on this web site but didn't see your book listed. How do I order a copy of your book? I live in Los Angeles, Ca.




Dear Gerry,

inside Germany the transfer of the 708 page book is free, and you can order it from any local book shop or from ebay Germany (enter HP-41 for starting a search).
For locations outside Germany you have to pay the transfer costs, I send out the book worldwide - for supporting HP-41 enthusiasts.
Please get in email contact with me (christophdotklugaddgmxdotde)to arrange the order of the book.

Connect HP-41 & HP-IL to future - best regards - Christoph


Hi Christoph,

I had noticed that book appearing regularly on my HP-41 searches on eBay recently, although I hadn't spotted that it was from you. The thing I couldn't figure out is if its content was in English or not. A search in the Forum archives reveals that you answered that question last November - English.
Is it alright if I contact you by e-mail as well?




Dear Philippe,

thanks for your interest about "HP-41 Input / Output Board & IL 2000 Interface System" book in English language. Yes - contact me via email...

Regards - Christoph


I wanted to add an ending on this post. Last night while my wife was watching the Oscars, I put my HP-IL loop back together to see if I could figure out what was going on. I put in the loop a tape drive, the floppy drive and the printer along with the 41CX. This time everything worked great. I was able to use Mcopy to make a floppy and tape copy of the 41 demo cassette. Looking back, the only thing I really did different was that I didn't plug the card reader to the 41. Are there any conflicts between HP-IL devices and the card reader?

Finally, I just found out that the '8' button on my 41CX isn't working. I had to finish my work using my 41CV. I was able to load a program into the CV on magnetic cards (11 sides) and save it to a floppy without any problems. Go figure.


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