HP-41C high keycaps


Hi all,
In a number of recent eBay auctions early HP-41C with high keycaps have been described as "rare" - is this correct?

All the HP-41C I have seen had high keycaps. When did the design change for the HP-41C?

Regards from Copenhagen,
Bo Kristoffersen


I don't think the high keytops are rare at all. In my records of over 20 HP41 machines I have had or worked on about half were the high keytop versions.


I agree 100%, David. Half of my 41C machines were/are "high tops". My guess is that the term "rare" is used only to jack up the asking price.



AFAIK they changed the from the steep keys to the flat ones around 1980-81.

So obviously there are more HP-41's with 'flat' keys than with steep keys.

Three of my HP-41's have those steep keys.

For usage, I like the 'flat' keys much more,
the alpha symbols are easier to read,
and the 'knack' point and pressure force is optimal (IMHO).




You have to understand ebay semantics. "rare" means "not all of them were made this way", just as "like new" means "it probably works" and "exceptional value" refers to the value to the seller, not to the buyer.


That is funny! I notice it too with postal cards. Common cards are called rare, antique, hard to find, etc. I find it quite humorous. Randy

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