HP 22S - user manual (not 22), HP 45 still running


I have a hp 22S and I cannot find the user manual. Can anybody help? By the way: I am still using an old HP45 (bought in 1979 for 500 Dollars (1000 DM)) - it is still working great. The polnic notation was perfect.

Kind regards


I have an HP22S Owner's Manual. I do not want to part with it, but maybe I could help you out.


A five CD set (which includes the HP22S User's Manual is available from Dave Hicks under documentation on this very website. Also you can get a supplemental manual An Easy Course in Using the HP22S from GrapeVine Publications website www.read-gpi.com. Their phone number is 1 (800) 338-4331. I have purchased books from them (as well as the now defunct EduCalc) and have had good dealings with one of its managers, Mr. Chris Coffin. Also, some calculator manuals are listed on Ebay website www.ebay.com.


Two places I have dealt with for HP calculators and accessories are:

Calcpro website www.calcpro.com. Manager: Paul Nelson.

International Calculator website www.internationalcalculator.com. Manager Don O'Rourke.

These are two good places to check for the HP22S Owner's Manual.


I meant to put this heading for my last entry.

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