Yikes! $630 for a HP-42S


The world is falling into a deep economic recession, people are losing their jobs and homes, retail businesses are going bankrupt. But, never mind, someone just paid $630 for a new complete HP-42S in an ebay auction. According to this museum, finding an HP-42S is "fairly easy" and the highest reported price was $400, well at least until now. I've heard that the safest investment in these uncertain times is gold bullion, but now I'm thinking that my HP calculator collection may actually be even better.


Yeah I saw that too--that calc was in pretty cherry condition, with manuals and box and so on, but still! I could not believe that! It is a nice calculator, I especially like the complex number support, but I think I'll stick to my $4.99 iPhone 42s emulator! Likewise the 11c and 41cx emulators-complete with printer sound effects. My thanks to these dedicated emu developers. I simply cannot afford a real collection. Alas I'll have to stick to my 35s. And my 33s and my 49g and my 49g+ and my 50g and my favorite, my 28s -- a calc that I have really grown into ...


... my favorite, my 28s -- a calc that I have really grown into ...

I have become interested in this model as well, although I do not have one. I am curious what you find most appealing about it.


Please see my post on a separate thread for some of my thoughts (and possibly a little TMI as well.) It is quite a capable little machine--I am still finding new things it can do even after 20 years--but it boils down to ease-of-use compared to the other RPL's.


$630 is collector's item price; as a calculator the real thing has shortcomings that I couldn't live with and iPhone's emulator when ready will beat it hands down (it does even now - display visible, plenty of memory, looks pretty quick too, can someone compare?).




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