OT: TI-89 (Dumb Question)



I have been "playing" with a TI-89 today. Interesting calculator, reminds me of Mathematica's user interface.

I understand there is an RPN emulator of some kind for this beast. Is this true? If so, where can I get it?

Thanks in advance.




Another possibility is rpn89, available for download at


However, I have not personally tried this program.



Thank you. I will give these a try.

Do these programs work on the TI-84?


I'm afraid they wont unless a specific version is available for that machine.

The 89 is technically close to the 92+ and the Voyage 200, driven by a 68000 Motorola processor. The TI-84 (and its predecessors TI-80, 81, 82, 83 as well as another series: TI-85/86) are all driven by a Z80 processor architecture.


Hello Marcus,

Thank you for the info. Duly noted.

I can understand where HP got the ideas for the 49/50 design without the big ENTER key. Fortunaltely the 89 can run on RPN. And I thought the 50G's menu system was annoying... At least you can change it to the 48 series' style.

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