Cheap Batteries for HP41CX


In the articles section I found an interesting topic on an alternate battery solution for the HP41C. It will be very helpful if Michael Harwood would upload the pictures and the procedure of implementing this solution. Thanks Michael. Prabhu Bhooplapur


A couple of weeks ago I went into a Radio Shack to get batteries for my 41cx. I think they were $5 for a pair, but they were giving away a free package for every one you buy. I don't know if the sale is still on. I got a few years' worth of batteries for ten dollars.


I think that you have to find a good supplier. Europeans might look here:

1,61€ per piece. Is that OK?


I found that the J size battery is a flat 6V battery and will fit into your HP-41CX. It is only $3.00 (in Canada) and a lot easier to find. It took a bit of fiddling with wires to get the + and - to the HP contacts, but now it works. I can upload a photo if anyone is interested to see how I did it. * Note: I had an extra battery holder which I used after I removed the dividing sections for the N batteries.

To Michael Harwood

Please post photo, manufacturer name and model of this batteries.

May you sell one battery holder to me (i live in Russia)? How much cost with delivery?



Yes, I am interested to find an alternative to "N" sized cells used in the HP 41. I find that N cells are more difficult to get as the years go by.

hpnut in Malaysia


Googling "6v J size battery" yielded this as the first hit:

It appears they may also be known as:

KJ, or

As it says here:

Looks like camera shops are the places to hit!

Thanks for the tip. I may try converting a battery holder to suit one of these.


Thanks for help!!!


Yes, I am interested to find an alternative to "N" sized cells used in the HP 41. I find that N cells are more difficult to get as the years go by.

Perhaps it's different in Malaysia, but disposble alkaline "N" cells are not at all hard to find in the US for about $5 for a pack of 2. Rechargable "N" cells are not readily available in regular stores, but specialty stores and mail-order firms seem to have them, according to other posts.

It still seems pointless to me for people to use rechargable cells in an HP-41, unless accessories that don't have their own power source (e.g, card reader, IR transmitter, HP-IL) are being used very heavily. It also seems that the "BATT" low-voltage warning would occur sooner.

-- KS


googling "nimh n cells" gives lots of mail/internet sources for n cells that will last for years at only 3 to 4 bucks each. why butcher a battery holder and mickey mouse the connectors when you can use what's intended?


I second that DB, I really don't understand the "butcher" approach either.

Every major manufacturer of alkalines still makes N cells. Eveready, Rayovac, Varta, Panasonic and Kodak are the first that come to mind.

While they might be difficult to find in retail locations, they are certainly available through any good electronics/battery distribution channel.


Also Duracell makes them, which is a division of P&G Inc., a Canadian company. Curiously, I think the original poster was Canadian, and stated that N-cells were hard to find in Canada. The last time I checked, you could buy 4 N cells for an HP-41C for less than $10, including tax. I get over 5 years use in my 2 HP-41CV's, which admittedly I do not use very much anymore. Also, FWIW, the HP-28C/S use 3 N-cells. I buy mine at Batteries Plus Stores.


Some people seem to enjoy making simple things difficult... IMO it's one downside to having a creative mind :^)


This is just too good to pass up.

Oh, the stories I could tell about Architects.

(I am a Civil Engineer - licensed in California since the mid 70's)

I was told once that when there is a problem - look to the simplest and most common answer first, then proceed to the more difficult and uncommon. It seems to me that the opposite method is used by many.



I get Duracell N alkalines for my 41CV at local Waitrose supermarket here in London. They are a bit overpriced, just like everything else at Waitrose, but I would never imagine them to be hard to find...








I bought a whole bunch of NiMH N cells, plus N-to-AA adaptors for charging, from the liquidation of Radio Shack's Canadian operations. Perhaps the US stores still carry them.


Hello all,

In France, I know a very good supplier for batteries with digressive price depending on quantities.
Their job is mainly to sell batteries.

It is called 'La boîte à piles' in Reims.


In Germany it is Reichelt Elektronik (

One LR1 (also known as lady-cell or N-type battery) for 61 eurocents. That´s ok for me...




How many LR1 do you order in one shipment? ;-)

Motivated by your post, I gave it a look and was somewhat repelled by their minimimum order & charges ...

(A problem which is inherent with most internet orders anyway).

Best regards & Thx. anyway,

Peter A. Gebhardt



it´s worth the shipping fees if you order some parts, cables, semiconductors or anything else there.
If I need only one or two cells I go to my local flea markets on sundays. The "turkish-battery-wholesale-companies" there sell the n-cell (new, of course) for 1 eur and the button cells for 50cents.


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