O.T. Gigaspan photo of Inauguration


This photo can be expanded hundreds of times. I spotted the Bush family and Buses Sr. Clintons, Gore, the supreme court and Obamas relatives from Nigeria. I think I see Dan potatoe head Quayle. Sam
See http://gigapan.org/viewGigapanFullscreen.php?auth=033ef14483ee899496648c2b4b06233c


Hmm, I only see a black page with a blue bar on the top.

A quick Wikipedia check indicates Gigapan as a (amongst others) Google project,

so this could be reason enough to be careful...


Good morning!

Absolutely amazing ... you can almost read the script that he has in front of him. Dwarfs all my amateurish attempts towards panorama photgraphy by several orders of magnitude!

... Gigapan as a (amongst others) Google project, so this could be reason enough to be careful...

It looks as if some American university is the driving force behind it, Google provides financial support: http://gigapan.org/about.php
And what's wrong with Google anyway???

Greetings, Max


I saw this too. The really cool thing is that it was done with a fairly ordinary camera (Canon G10). The trick is the robotic mount that takes a mosaic of photos, and the software that stitches those photos together.


the software that stitches those photos together

Given the man with 4 eyes and the mouthless woman, apparently they didn't quite get the software right!


If somebody moves between images, it's hard for the software to fix things!!

All in all, it's pretty amazing. I have used much better cameras and (not so great) commercial stitching software with worse results.


I find it amazing too. On the "Wally" side, my favorite is Yo-Yo-Ma pictured taking a picture with a iPhone. Also you can see that the piano is almost certainly a Steinway.



I have discovered evidence that aliens are now in control of the US government! In the photo referenced, just above and to the left of the president in the second row is a man with four eyes! No, I'm not talking about eyeglasses, I mean actually four eyes, sockets and all!!

All of those rumors that the president was a crypto-buddhist, that he had consorted with 1960's pastry chefs and had trampled an apple pie underfoot, all of these pale before the revelation that he invited an alien to the inauguration. Or was he
forced to include the abominable creature by virtue of the control exerted over him??

Check the next edition of the Weekly World News for more..




A few pixels on the left there are a mouthless woman and a man with three eyes (or glass lenses, at least).


Check out Aretha Franklin (on the aisle several rows behind Obama). Her now famous hat is easy to spot but she appears to have a mysterious other hat floating in front of her as well as a serious double chin complete with beard.


Look at the poor man standing to the left of the platform where President Obama is speaking, by a light pole. It looks like a barracuda is about to eat his ear. I think the same man appears again a few feet to the left of him!

Just think, if this camera had been in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, the conspiracy theorists would have gone nuts!


I think the same man appears again a few feet to the left of him!

This is incontrovertible photographic evidence that the U.S. has begun cloning Secret Service agents!

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